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Atari announce N+ release date for Europe – DS & PSP

April it is…

Atari has announce that their highly anticipated release, N+, will be available to all DS and PSP users in Europe by April of this year.  The game that was previously only available in the United States has won the acclamation of gamers around the States.

The game is said to be so good because of the ways that it finds to challenge the player with interestingly conceptualised game play.

The exact date for the release hasn’t been announced, although we can image that as soon as the game hits the British shelves it will be selling like hot cakes.

Flash will do, for now…ds

Until then there is always the free flash version of N+ which gives a little taster of the game, although let’s be serious, it won’t make up for the clear gap we’ve been witnessing in our gaming collections.

The current flash version of the game also allows you to create levels for you to be able to use when N+ is actually unleashed in Europe – not a bad idea!

For those who aren’t aware of what the game play actually involves, the player roams around the layers in the game as a ninja who bounces around the screen collecting coins.

The aim of the game is to find an exit, and on your travels you must avoid the obstacles that the developers decide to throw your way.

As with all good games there is also the added pressure of height issues and falling isn’t taken lightly.

Co-op, downloads and level sharing…

The DS and PSP versions of the game provide the player with possibilities for playing in a co-operative style and players can even share levels through a wireless connection.

pspThe level editor that is available in the flash version of the game is also provided on the full version of the game, meaning you will actually have something to share through that wireless connection.

As is the way, particularly with the DS, there will be other downloadable material for the player to get hold of and this should provide a good depth to the game, at least that’s what we’re hoping.

Atari obviously love it…

The vice president of brand management for Atari, Cyril Voiron, has hailed the game as a masterpiece for all gaming platforms, saying, “N+ is an example of how great game experiences can work across different platforms.

“In this case taking a brilliant and hugely successful Internet Flash game and not only faithfully recreating but enhancing the experience on PSP and DS.”

Let us know…

Let us know what you think about the upcoming release of N+ on the DS and PSP.  Are you going to be camping outside your local gaming store or are you planning on giving this one a miss?

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