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Batman and Superman to appear in the same film in 2015.

Fresh off the press from this year’s comicon, Zack Snyder-director of Man of Steel, has announced that the next film will feature both legendary protagonists Batman and Superman.  Snyder also stated that production should begin next year after the script is completed so expect a 2015/16 release for the film. Henry Cavill will play Superman for a second time he revealed yet the search for an actor for Batman will begin.

Its an interesting proposition as it will be the first time on-screen that the pair will appear together. With Christian Bale abdicating the role, it is expected that the next Batman will appear in a much more traditional form one akin to Michael Keaton. So the wildfire rumours and hype for the next Batman will start. Also it should be intriguing if this will lead to another Justice League film-Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonderwoman. There has not been a Wonderwoman film though and considering how the character is dressed, I am sure it will cause a headache because of the appeal of the franchise to youths.

It shouldn’t detract from a promising concept though. Batman and Superman are the faces of DC comics so it makes logical sense that they both appear in the same film. Also, money talks. The Dark Knight trilogy made $2.5 billion while Man of Steel has made nearly $625 million at the box office. Interest is high and the way in which Marvel has set their stall with the Avengers, there is definitely room for a possible Justice League film.

Personally, I prefer Batman and Superman to any of the Marvel comics (except for Spiderman and Wolverine). The darkness of Batman and the modesty of Superman make both franchises so appealing. So it will be interesting as to who they go for to be Batman. Could they have another British actor to play the role? Christopher Nolan has signed on to return as producer. Does that mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the role? Can Bale be swayed again?

The rumour mill is bound to get in full swing. I hope it is not someone like Shia LeBeouf because well-it would just suck. The idea of an older Batman-like Michael Keaton in the first film would be a good idea. Set sometime after Dark knight Rises and Man of Steel in which Batman is somewhat older than Superman. Remember, Dark Knight Rises is set 8 years after Dark Knight. So there is potential for an older Batman. Or he could be younger to appease franchise fans so that he appears in the same vain as Superman. It is all very promising indeed,



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