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Battle of the Smartphones – Blackberry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Part 1

BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G – Let’s fight…

When you get two beautiful pieces of equipment battling against each other it is important to understand which one is better than the other – but how can you know which one is the leader?

The iPhone has enjoyed massive market success but BlackBerry has taken the business world by storm as well – so pitted against each other which one comes out on top?


While the Bold is beautifully designed with a clean and sharp shape, the iPhone must win here – the iPhone changed the way we look at Smartphones and its shape will be remembered by generations to come.

The colours of the iPhone work well and remain classy while still keeping the theme that the original iPhone brought to the market.  The Bold is a great looking Smartphone and is definitely a great direction for BlackBerry, the iPhone is legendary in its design.


Perhaps it isn’t as good as the BlackBerry Curve in terms of build quality but the Bold is still strong and stable.  However compared to the iPhone you can’t help but feel that the Bold won’t last as long as the Apple Smartphone.

There are fewer parts involved with the iPhone and surely that means that there are few things that can go wrong with the touch screen beauty.  And you would be wrong if you thought that the touch screen feature was the weakest link on the iPhone because it has actually been proven to be able to take quite a harsh battering…


This is where the Bold comes into its own – despite the iPhone’s massive screen, the Bold has a truly crisp screen which is great to look at.  However the iPhone screen does allow you to watch movies, surf the web and read text with ease so because of that it is also putting up quite a fight.

In terms of screens I would say that they both have their advantages and disadvantages and so they can’t really be compared due to the fact that they provide such different uses.

If you want to watch movies and have a large screen then the iPhone’s for you but if you want to give up size for crisp quality then Bold is your Smartphone.


Do we even need to talk about it?  The AppStore set the standard for Smartphone apps across the market and since it was launched the competition have been fighting to even come close to the level of success enjoyed by the AppStore.

No other Smartphone can compete against the massive success that the iPhone has enjoyed with the AppStore – the Bold is using the same old tired applications that other BlackBerrys are using so we might as well forget the Bold in this category.

Stay tuned…

Stay tuned to the site because we’ll be concluding the battle tomorrow – come back tomorrow to find out about battery life, operating systems and the keyboards of each Smartphone and see who wins the battle of the Smartphones.

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