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Battle of the Smartphones – Blackberry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Part 2

BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G – Let’s fight… Part ll

Yesterday we started a fight between two Smartphones that are trying to win their places in your palms.  So far the iPhone has taken the lead, but the Bold must have some redeeming features to bring it back into the battle?

Let’s find out…

Operating Systems

The Bold runs on the legendary BlackBerry OS which has won the hearts and minds of Smartphone users around the world.  Unfortunately the tried and tested operating system brought to us by Research In Motion is getting a bit dated and everyone is getting a bit bored of the whole system.

Looking at the iPhone is a different story – the OS is fresh, smooth and generally a joy to behold making it one of the best loved Smartphone operating systems on Earth.  While there are ways that the iPhone OS can be tweaked and evolved it still beats the dates BlackBerry OS by a mile.

Come on RIM and give us something fresh…

Battery Life

If the iPhone had an Achilles Heel then this would be it – the battery on the iPhone is a huge let down.  The Bold however performed quite well when it came to battery life which was a bit out of character as recent BlackBerry devices have fallen slightly short in this area.

There isn’t a great amount separating the two Smartphones here but the Bold wins as it gives a little bit more compared to the iPhone.


There is a very obvious difference between the two keyboards in question here – one is virtual and one is real…but which one is better?

Not everyone can deal with a virtual keyboard and many people will prefer to deal with a full QWERTY keyboard that they can touch whenever they want.  This comes down to more of a personal preference but I would say that the virtual keyboard is the way forward – leave the hard keys in the past and lets move toward 2010 – virtual keyboards and flying cars is the way forward!


The BlackBerry has built its reputation for being able to supply business customers with a reliable way of emailing on the move.  Apple on the other hand have struggled in the email department and have received a lot of criticism.

The BlackBerry emailing services provide too many choices to be ignored and the Bold is clearly the winner here – if you want to be able to do some hardcore emailing while on the move then the Bold is the way forward – if you want to check your Gmail then don’t worry so much…

And the winner is?

I’d have to say, the winner of the battle of the Smartphones here has to be the mighty iPhone.  The race was tight and the Bold put in a great battle but the iPhone has to be the winner – it is innovative, user friendly and intelligent as well as robust.  This is a winning combination of features that seemingly can’t be touched.

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