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Battlefield 4: Beta Impressions.

Battlefield 4 will release next month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Interestingly, the game will also release on current platforms PS3 and Xbox 360. The beta is live on current-gen consoles and has some major graphic differences from what has been previewed thus far for next-generation consoles.

Battlefield 3 (2011) represented a fresh initiative on the FPS genre bringing PC quality multiplayer gameplay to consoles far better than say Call Of Duty did. While the single player was poor, the multiplayer was deep, engaging and proved to be the better alternative to Call Of Duty. Battlefield 4 looks to improve on Battlefield 3 both singularly and through the multiplayer mainly.

The gameplay is fairly standard fare-pretty much the same as Battlefield 3 and not wholly different from Call Of Duty. The map-Siege Of Shanghai was decent-well layered and better suited for domination than conquest. Otherwise, its all standard, familiar first person battling fare and the gameplay is solid.

What is disappointing is the graphics on the current gen consoles. Play spot the difference between the PC version and PS3-the difference is massive more so than Battlefield 3. I think we are seeing the first indication of a multiple release game which will drop the current-gen version in favour of the priority versions which are the next-gen versions. Its nothing major as such but on conquest, there is no texturing or rendering whatsoever at times.

Good Bit: Solid gameplay and will be excellent on the PS4/XB1. More of a refinement on BF3.

Bad Bit: Graphics. Yeah its a beta-but I have seen far better-Uncharted 2, 3 and Battlefield 3 all looked better. I think between that and the lack of destruction available to the player, it will drop the standards of the game for current gen owners.

Overall: Undoubtedly will make a good game on current gen consoles and an even better one on the new consoles next month. The beta was okay- a case of been there, shot that and done that. I think BF4 will not match BF3 because of the impact Battlefield 3 had. I think BF4 is more necessary to potential XB1 owners as the PS4 will get Killzone and Planetside 2 at launch.


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