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Best Games That Never Got Finished

We are all guilty of starting something particularly games without finishing. Truth be told it is sometimes the best games that don’t get finished for a variety of reasons. I find that some of these games are brilliant yes but lack in other areas such as ‘fun’and are easy to get into. These are games that if there was a gaming equivalent of Oscars, they would win plenty of them. Here are the 10 games that are fantastic yet I have not finished.

10. Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos (1997): This along with Rayman and the original Crash Bandicoot came at a time where platform games where difficult. Croc was the pick of the bunch and is one of the best platform games I have played due to its characterisation, level variety and expert design. For each death, it was your fault rather than the game. Everything needed to be precise from the precise moment you jump or precise moment you strike, Croc was all about precision.

A difficult game all the same and one in which we may never see again. But a game that was fun and enjoyable. Each level could be replayed and the delights of the game would still be retained. Highly recommended that you get this.

9. Ape Escape 2 (2002): One of my all time favourite platform games Ape Escape 2 was a huge improvement over the already excellent Ape Escape. It had a huge amount of depth and variety in which made the game as good as the likes of Crash Bandicoot amongst other platform games. This is the only game on this list where I reached the end but never got past the last boss. The last boss from this game as much as I can remember was infuriating for my younger self.

I hope Sony consider Ape Escape once more. The last game in the series was awful. Here is hoping for a fully fledged 4th entry into the series. Highly recommended and extremely fun.

8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002): I have not always been the biggest fan of Grand Theft Auto and the latest GTA certainly did much to win me over after a series of in my opinion below par games. It is Vice City that remains the best in the series and also one that I did not finish. Why? The game was fun enough without playing the story. I used to enjoy being chase by the police and activating cheats such as flying car and being able to drive on water.

Its a shame that GTA became more mature. I hope that GTA will someday go back and be immature in at least one of its games in the future as a nostalgic nod looking back to the best game in the series.

7. Earthbound (1994): Earthbound is a game which while a Japanese RPG is far more advanced than its age suggests. Its maturity and complexity was probably too advanced for me when I played it 6 years ago. I regret it because Earthbound is steeped in depth and quality. Earthbound even from my short time from the game had one of the best scripts I have ever seen in any game. The writing in Earthbound is matched by the likes of Fallout 3.

This game can be easily emulated or if you have access to a 3DS/ WiiU, then you can get this from the Wii store. A peerless game and one in which that has bundles of complexity and depth. Highly recommended.

6. Chrono Trigger (1995): Probably one of the best JRPGs ever made only slightly better than the peerless Earthbound. Of all the games on this list, Chrono Trigger is perhaps one in which that I should have completed. The game bears many similarities to the likes of Final Fantasy and also Dragon Quest. The central theme of the game is time travel and the story upto the point I have reached in the game is beautifully told.

The battle system is great and the game also stands up really well even nearly 20 years after release. A unique Japanese RPG, a game in which almost anyone could grow to admire. Highly recommended.

5. Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion (2007): As much as I like the Elder Scrolls series including Skyrim, in my opinion Oblivion is the better game. It is mainly better because it revolutionised the genre before Skyrim did. Yet this is only game on this list which is seriously flawed. Oblivion has multiple things going for it. It has the pretence for an epic story and also had a great opening sequence of escorting a King voice by Patrick Stewart through a prison.

But, the levelling system in the game is dire. Maximising stats through menial tasks I can put up with. Enemies that level up with you though is just annoying. Skyrim fixed these problems and I will finish Skyrim one day. But Oblivion I will not finish and its a shame because the story for the game is one that looked interesting, Just pretend that Skyrim is Oblivion.

4. Bioshock (2007): Bioshock in many ways is an underwater Half Life. It is a superb game but the way it is structured and built, its almost too reminiscent of Half Life. It is also a dark game and not very fun to play. It wants to take you to the depths of the secret underwater metropolis that is Rapture. Along with Bioshock, I have yet to finish the other two games also though I have yet to start them.

The main reason why I have yet to finish the game is mainly because of the challenge of playing without using Vita chambers. I like challenge and difficulty in games. Aspiring to finish a challenging game is what makes gaming in my opinion. I may have to rethink that strategy in order to finish the game as it looks every bit as good as other games in its genre.

3. Mass Effect (2012): For the past few years for some reason I have been anti Mass Effect. The main reason for this was the simply terrible demo for Mass Effect 2 on the PS3. It was mainly just a shooting section and it wasn’t all that. When the Christmas sale was up recently, Mass Effect was on for around £3. So I thought why not. I am glad that I took the plunge even if the PS3 port did nothing to enhance a 4 year old game.

From where I am now, the characterisation and depth of this game is second to none. Its like playing Star Wars in many ways. I also have the other two games so I will eventually and belatedly complete the trilogy. As an RPG fan, the first is excellent. I have my reservations of the other two but the first is great.

2. Resident Evil 4 (2005): This is a game in which I should have completed long ago. Resident Evil 4 is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is eerily chilling and despite the action orientation, the game still manages to send chills down the spine with its murky European setting and also its excellent soundtrack. I began playing this game at the same time as Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 5 while nowhere near as good is arguably more fun. Its a shame that I completed 5 over 4 but I will remedy this I hope.

Another thing about Resident Evil 4 is it is a challenging game unlike the far easier sequel. I have recently got the HD version sitting on my PS3 so hopefully it won’t be long before I finish RE4. Really recommend this game and it gave birth to games such as Gears of War as well as Uncharted.

1. The Orange Box (2007): The Orange Box is not a game as such-its 5 in one. Yes 5 games for the price of one and these are not just any ordinary games either. 3 of the 5 games are Half Life 2 and the two Half Life 2 episodes. The other two games are only just Portal and Team Fortress 2 just to complete the collection. The package by far represents the best value for money on any platform ever. The only collection that comes close is the MGS Collection released last year.

Half Life 2 is a brilliant game and games like Bioshock take a lot of in inspiration from it. Portal is also an ingenious game that requires thinking and is a unique puzzle game. I am ashamed not to have completed either Portal or Half Life 2. Both are great games and I would have to say among the very best games I have ever played. Half Life 2 particularly with its superb setting and mysterious story.

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