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Bioshock Coming to iPhone

Apparently, first person shooter/horror, ‘Bioshock’ is coming to iPhone. If it works, it could be one of the best achievements in mobile gaming, providing an atmospheric, dark natured game to a list of far to ‘cute’ games.


IG Fun are the company who are going to give the popular Xbox360 best seller a miniature outing.


Sean Malatesta was showing off footage of the game on a BREW handset at the BREW 2008 Show, and revealed that IG Fun intends to bring out a version of the game that will use the undeniable power of the iPhone.


The footage running on the BREW phone was non-interactive but looked great, and the visuals were being rendered on the handset.


The demo even had cut scenes that managed to capture the atmosphere of the game, not to mention excellent visuals.


The biggest problem for any first person shooter on a mobile is the control system. When you need to be accurate, mobiles generally don’t cut the mustard. Whether or not IG Fun can ensure a fluid, dynamic and fun time playing this game, sadly we’ll just have to wait and see.


The company is also working on those unfortunate enough to not have an iPhone or BREW Handset – the company is also working on a 2D version of the game.

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