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Black Friday? Red and Blue Friday limited edition DS’s according to Nintendo!

Black Friday; an Americanism, given its name because it’s the day after Thanksgiving in America, which traditionally hails in the start of festive shopping around the country.  This conjures up images of two mums consecutively head-butting each other to get the last toy on the shelf, or of the kids screaming out “I want that…I want that”.  But for Nintendo Black Friday is an opportunity to sell some more DS consoles.  Why not!

Two new colours of the DS are being released on Black Friday, one in red and one in the funky sounding ‘Ice Blue’.  The red DS will be seen sporting the ever-loved Mario ‘M’ symbol on its cover and will come bundled together with a copy of New Super Mario Bros.  If you think that’s good then when you’re in the shop looking at the new, red, ‘M’ emblazoned Nintendo DS, take a quick glance to the next row of DS’s and you’ll see that the Ice Blue version of the DS comes bundled with a copy of Brain Age.

Both colour options of the DS’s are limited edition.  I think it’s fair to say Nintendo will be looking at happy sales figures for this Christmas, and a lot of this has to do with the price of the console, not just the fact that they’re putting the word ‘icy’ in front of ‘blue’.  Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales, seems to think so too, saying, “Nintendo DS is both the most affordable and the most popular video game system in this generation…These limited-edition bundles make great gifts for first-time Nintendo DS players and collectors alike.”

Last year saw the same launch by Nintendo as they whipped out flashy gold and ‘metallic rose’ editions of the DS, again accompanied by a game and emblazoned with a logo…it only makes sense to try it again if it worked so well last time and this year Nintendo expects a complete sell-out of all the limited edition bundles on sale.

Nintendo are reeling from news that their massively popular platform, the Nintendo Wii, has now sold over 7 million units in Japan alone since its launch almost 2 years ago on the 2nd December 2006.  They must be feeling that they can do no wrong and the launch of these limited edition DS’s won’t hurt them at all.

The DS is also a hugely popular console amongst the hand held gaming community, selling over a staggering 24 million units in Japan.  The DS has also introduced a new member to its family of touch generation gaming experiences in the Nintendo DSi, heavily hailed for success this Christmas.

So if you’re in America over the next month and fancy one of the limited edition DS’s, then pop down to your local store and cough up the $149.99 asking price.  If you’re stuck here in Britain, however, forget about it.  The closest you’ll be getting to an ‘icy blue’ DS is by sticking your normal one out in the snow for 10 minutes.  Don’t forget this site does not condone sticking any Nintendo DS’s in the snow!

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