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Call Of Duty 4: 5 years on.

COD4 celebrates its importance within the wider circles of gaming with its 5th anniversary and a reminder of its importance to the increased popularity with console shooters. Lets consider the state of games in 2007. Halo 3 was touted as the game of the year and in some corners “game of the millenium.” Other games that stood out was Crysis on the PC which hindered its widespread appeal especially with regard to its system requirements. Uncharted was the first true PS3 title and brilliant but because of the state of the PS3 at the time found limited fanfare. Other than that were games that shone in other genre’s outside of shooting and running.

Enter COD4. Whereas COD3 and most other FPS games revolved around WW2 settings, COD4 placed the emphasis on the present while presenting uncanny similarities with modern conflicts in the Middle-East. It proved to be revolutionary as it gathered immediate attention to its direction with a modern setting. However, what proves to be COD4’s calling was its brilliant multiplayer and ever since its release has enjoyed sustained numbers in participation. With the ease of connectivity and the pace of matches, multiplayer was the obvious focal point and set a precedent of FPS games to come. In this though COD4 set a stagnation effect in the genre with the genre populated by “me too” copycats.

So the point here is the success of shooting games-has it come from COD4? Yes though that answer comes from its multiplayer offerings. While COD4 had a brilliantly paced campaign, it was in no shape to compete with the likes of Bioshock, Half Life and Deus Ex. But of course trends came. For console gaming in the 90’s and early 00’s, single player and local multiplayer was always considered. Now, social connectivity and importance of competitive multiplayer has changed the face of gaming in more genre’s than one. Uncharted included multiplayer as did Bioshock and the relevance of multiplayer in recent titles remains questionable.

Ultimately, it is a trend and this was set by COD4. With its ease of connectivity and pace in matches, it proves short term enjoyment can be sustained over long periods without providing fatigue in gamers. Myself, I got bored of COD4 after putting in no less than 170 hours into the multiplayer and over 3000 rounds/matches of multiplayer. I also consider COD4 a reason into buying into the next gen console 4 years ago along with MGS4 and Uncharted at the time. Suffice to say like many others, I have got bang for my buck.

Next week will be a different opinion on Call Of Duty and its stagnation effect. Is it starting to fatigue consumers?

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