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» Top 10 2013 Games.

2013 was a great year for games. Plenty of variety, new consoles, the return of old faces and some new ones-2013 also gave us one of the best games of all time. Either way, there was something for everyone in 2013. Here are the top 10: 10. Sound Shapes (PS4): A port of the game […]

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» Launch Games and Consoles: Overview.

When a new console releases, there is a certain buzz to it like no other-the only feeling that could relate to it I guess is the feeling of getting a new toy, car or something you hold close to you. The PS4 has launched this week in America and with the promise of great games. […]

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» Game of the year and round-up of 2012.

Game of the year 2012. 2012 has been kind to gamers in giving a variety of quality laden games albeit with a few missteps and disappointments along the way. With 2 new consoles released, it seems that we are on the peak of the next-gen with the next Playstation and Xbox hopefully being announced next year […]

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» 3DS versus PSVita

Who says there is not room for traditional consoles in the handheld spectrum? You only have to look as far as the demand that consumers have for Nintendo, Pokemon and more oddly Monster Hunter. With the 3DS approaching a year in production, it is thrown into competition with the PSVita in terms of handheld gaming […]

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