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» PSP and PSVita hidden tricks.

Sony do like to proclaim its features on all of their platforms. With the two portables though, some are hidden in plain sight or quite simply just not mentioned. Some of these features are quite nifty while others raise the question of why… PSP -While turning on the PSP (fully, not from standby), hold the […]

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» PS Vita review.

The PSVita has arrived to acclaim, buzz and a plethora of potential for success. The new iteration of a handheld console for Sony is technologically superior than anything else that you can hold in your hands and play games on. It doesn’t matter that if it sells by the bucketload or by the fingernails or […]

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» Gadgets – ION Twin Video Camera and Stylophone Beatbox

The article will provide as user with information on ION Twin Video Camera and Stylophone Beatbox. Let’s have a look at Ion Twin Video camera. Ion Twin Video camera is the world’s first video recorder that allows a user to capture a users world and his/her reaction to it. A user can use this camera […]

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» Mooncharge Hybrid Solar Battery Case (iPhone 3G/S) and ION Negative Film Scanner

The article will provide a user with information on gadgets such as Mooncharge Hybrid Solar Battery Case (iPhone 3G/S) and ION Negative Film Scanner. The Mooncharge hybrid solar battery case is an innovative rechargeable battery concealed inside a protective hard case. The Mooncharge uses both conventional USB charging methods as well as an alternative energy […]

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» Gadget – Freeloader Solar Charger Globetrotter (Green)

The article will provide a reader with information on freeloader solar charger globetrotter (green). The Freeloader Solar Charger Globetrotter system allows a user to power his/her tech using the power of the sun! The Globetrotter comes with an improved version of the Original Freeloader Solar Charger, as well as a Supercharger. The Supercharger will fully […]

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