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» So Who Owns The Java Technology Platform?

While JAVA has become one of the most powerful programming languages in the world, do you know who brought the system to the world? Who owns it? Or its potential value? For those who do not already know, the JAVA technology platform is owned by Sun Microsystems Incorporated although there have been numerous court battles […]

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» replacing the Enterprise JavaBean (EJB), Component Obect Model (COM) and CORBA

It’s pretty easy to locate a poorly planned strategy of the Web services: it stresses on the technical benefits over the objectives of the business. Just replacing the Enterprise JavaBean (EJB), Component Obect Model (COM) and CORBA interfaces with the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) accomplishes slightly more than the fugitive satisfaction of being a […]

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» Java Language Explained

Java products can be available in a wide variety of options and several strong applications can be developed for the java products. Java is a strong language by itself and it’s the only language available these days for the development as well as designing. Being a platform independent language, java language can be used for […]

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» JavaOne 2008 Conference – What’s happening?

2008 will be the start of the most significant evolution of all 13 years the conference has taken place. This year, they have expanded their topics into areas that are appealing to development. Not just in Java technology, but in areas such as next generation scripting languages, Web 2.0, eCommerce collaboration, business management, and much […]

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» Java – What it is and where it came from.

Java, which refers to many different computer software and specifications from Sun Microsystems, gives a system for creating application software and displays it in a cross-platform environment. Java is used in many different platforms which include many different high-end and low-end uses. Some of the high-end uses include super computers and enterprise servers. On the […]

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» James Gosling and Java

James Gosling is a famous software developer, as many people know already. Gosling, along with a few friends (Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan) are well known and commonly indentified with the creation of the programming language called Java which was created by a company Gosling is employed at called Sun Microsystems. Gosling had originally designed the […]

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» The History Of JAVA

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems in on 1995, the JAVA programming language was created as a major element of Sun Microsoft’s JAVA platform.  It is basically a simplified version of the C and C++ languages, but adapted for the JAVA platform.  So why has it become so popular? Sun Microsystems took the very clever step […]

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