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» Java, the JBuilder

The Borland Software Corporation has announced the details of a three-year product roadmap for its award winning JBuilder, its award-winning Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Java, the JBuilder. The roadmap has an update incorporated within it to JBuilder 2006, the new famework underlying based on Eclipse in the JBuilder 2007 (“Peloton”), and it provides an […]

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» Java Language Explained

Java products can be available in a wide variety of options and several strong applications can be developed for the java products. Java is a strong language by itself and it’s the only language available these days for the development as well as designing. Being a platform independent language, java language can be used for […]

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» Is JAVA Finally Set To Appear On The Apple iPhone?

Despite being a surprising absence from the initial iPhone model, it seems that JAVA may be about to finally crack the iPhone market with an update due next year.  If the rumours are correct, Apple are set to release a Software Development Kit in early 2008 which will allow technicians to up load a form […]

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