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» Metismo Supports Antix in Bedrock

  UK Company Metismo have announced that will support Antix Labs’ Antix Game Player technology in its Bedrock Cross Complier tool.   What this means is it will now be quicker and enables developers to automatically convert J2ME or DoJa application to other languages including C++ and Flash (ActionScript 3.0).   Although these ports won’t […]

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» Jexin 0.5 Released

Version 0.5 of Jexin has been released under the Apache License 2.0.   Jexin is a web based functional testing/debugging platform for Java applications. The user can view details about the execution path (stack trace) in one or more JVM(s) and inject exceptions into the path to simulate faults. Jexin supports several views of stack […]

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» Creating A Dynamic User Interface in Java

  Almost all new java programmers want to know that how to create dynamic interfaces in java language. Creating GUI (graphical user interface) is not going to be very easy and something not easy for new programmers. However interface builder can provide you a time and money saving solution to build a dynamic user interface […]

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» JBoss JMX console or the HTML Adaptor?

If you had ever worked with the Extension Consoles of the Java Management of the first generation (like the JBoss JMX console or the HTML Adaptor) in the clustered environment, then you haven’t actually seen the potential of the JMX client technology. Managing the clustered application by traversing to the JMX console of every application […]

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» monitoring support of J2SE 5.0

The management and monitoring support of J2SE 5.0 is very comprehensive, with the capabilities of remote for Java platform and for the applications that run on this. A remote minioring system called Java Management Extensions (JMX) is included in the J2SE 5.0. It is a fresh addition to the monitoring capabilities’ list on the JVM. […]

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The SOAPscope Server is a platform for development which provides a specifically designed work environment that is centralized designed for SOAs. The Development teams join together in specialized workspaces that are virtual which manage the Web Services definitions, notes, simulations, recorded actions and messages. CREATING WORKSPACES The Mindreef SOAPscope Server is mainly relied on the […]

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» Java vs. C++ – A duel of languages

Most of todays programmers and software developers have already gained an experience with an object-oriented programming language called C++. It is usually reccommended to beginner software developers or programmers. Java and C++ have very many similarities and also have many differences. Lets focus on the differences first. The biggest stumbling block is speed. Java tends […]

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