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» JBoss JMX console or the HTML Adaptor?

If you had ever worked with the Extension Consoles of the Java Management of the first generation (like the JBoss JMX console or the HTML Adaptor) in the clustered environment, then you haven’t actually seen the potential of the JMX client technology. Managing the clustered application by traversing to the JMX console of every application […]

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» PointBase Mobile Edition – for petite mobile phones

PointBase Mobile Edition is exclusively designed for the purpose of mobile client applications as object relational database written in Java. PointBase Mobile Edition provides set of functionality and platform independence which is useful in data management solution. PointBase Mobile Edition provides them through adherence to industry standards of JDBC, SQL, HTTP and TCP/IP. The point […]

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» JAVA Security Leak Plugged On Firefox

Good news for Firefox users out there as it has been confirmed that a JAVA security problem has been plugged and the browser is now safe to use with JAVA applications. While Firefox 3 is in beta testing stage, Firefox 2 was where the JAVA problem was found.  Due to a problem with the code […]

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