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» Aricent Takes Celltop to the International Market

After Alltel had Celltop exclusively for a year, Aricent is taking its solution to the international market, offering it up for operators using BREW or Java (J2ME). Designed to make it easier for end-users to find and manage their content, Alltel has received many accolades for Celltop, but few have heard about Aricent. The Company […]

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» Nokia Launch SNAP Version 2

Mobile phone giant Nokia have launched the second version of its SNAP Mobile SDK and they reckon it’ll be easier for developers to create connected Java games.  The program is available for free and has a big focus on accessibility for developer’s all thanks to it’s object-orientated API and improved UI framework.   The SNAP […]

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» Bikini Volleyball

With the summer approaching, nothing could get hotter than playing volleyball. The sheer word brings into picture the sunny beaches and scantly clad women. The game has all the things you could think of related to volley and the regular dose of strategy fed into the game play.

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» Vodafone, Nokia push for the mobile Java standards

The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and the largest wireless operator of Europe have launched the initiative to simplify the Java standards for mobile phones in a move targeted to help the developers to create software for the multiple Java-enabled phones, thus providing the users with wider choice of applications based on Java. Under […]

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