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» The Pros and Cons of Plastic Poker Chips

Purchasing your own set of poker chips is a good idea, no matter whether you just like to play a hand or two when your friends come by for a beer or you have a full-blown game room in your “man cave” to which you added a custom poker table. There are many different types […]

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» The Evolution of 3D Television

Many people might be surprised to find out that the history of 3D television goes back nearly as far as the television itself. Long before flat screen televisions and dedicated 3D channels (you’ll need to subscribe to Sky’s satellite tv if you want to access Britain’s sole 3D channel), 3D was wowing audiences around the […]

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» Wii Television Channel – will it really challenge the likes of youtube…or actual television?

As Christmas saw more and more Nintendo Wii and DS consoles brought into the living rooms of the gaming public, Nintendo clearly felt that more had to be done to move the consoles into 2009.  Let’s throw in the opportunity to access a ‘television’ channel on the Wii, they screamed out with glee over Christmas […]

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» Do you remember the first time you played a handheld console?

I was around eight or nine at the time when the now legendary Nintendo Game boy made its way into my grubby little hands. I played Mario to death, and I loved Tetris like you wouldn’t believe.

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» Ace Support Annual IT Support Cover

Ace Support is a national on-line IT Support & repair centre. Because they are on-line and don’t need branches in every major town or city of the country they can reduce our costs and offer you great deals on Annual IT support Cover for your PC or laptop. No more costly repair bills or call […]

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» Azuki reveals new mobile media platform

Azuki Systems is today unveiling a mobile media platform that categorises and breaks-up small pieces of mobile TV that the company’s founders believe will be more popular than the current status quo of offering live or streaming mobile TV.   The company, which has raised $6.6 million in venture capital, has been working incognito under […]

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