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Cell phone ringtones


The amazing thing about technology today is that we are no longer tied down to having certain cell phone ringtones. With the internet and being able to download tones straight to your cell phone, it has never been easier to enjoy your favorite songs.
If you happen to be a fan of a certain genre of music there are countless ringtones that you can download. For example, if you are a huge fan of all glam rock and roll sounds of the eighties then there are plenty of places you can find online that will allow you to download ringtones from all sorts of classic bands and artist. Want your celling phone to ring with your favorite guitar solo? No problem just just pay a small price and download it straight to your phone.
Chimes are also a popular choice for cell phone ringtones. A wide selection are available to download. Some chimes sound like a cowbell, others a doorbell some even sound like wind chimes. It’s amazing the type of ringtone chimes thats are on the market.
Audio samples also make popular choices for cell phone ringtones. If there is a famous catch phrase or punchline from your favorite comedy or television show then chances are you can download it from somewhere. Even if the show is decades old, retro things and in fashion and often ready for you to buy.
You always have the option of using the ringtones that came with your cell phone. These can be good for people just looking for utility rather than jazziing up the sound of your cell with a custom tone. Most phones come with a range of sounds, from old fashion analog phone sounds to classical ensembles and jazz standards. Most people tend to find these ring tones extremely annoying, due to having heard them a million times. They are also not seen as being very cool and hip. So get with it and try out a custom tone that expresses your personality today!
Finding the right tone that suit you is easy. They can be found on many sites that specialize in cell phone ringtones. Often, you don’t even need a credit card. The ringtone site can charge you through your current call service provider. Most download sites will also let you sample the tone first by listening to it on the site. This is a great feature as it allows you to know what your buying before you part with your hard earned cash.
Downloading cell phone ringtones is normally done by dialing a number on your cell phone and connecting with a remote server that allows you to capture the ringtone you ordered. Another common way is to enter your cell phone number on the download site. They will then send you the ringtone straight to your phone. The process is easy and does not take very long.

Once you have your new custom ringtone you can go into your phone setting. There you can set your ring to your new custom ringtone. Most makes and model also allow you to set your voice message alert and SMS text message sound to your new custom ringtone.

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