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Dark Souls comes to PC. Also new MGS announced!

Anyone that has not experienced either Demon’s or Dark Souls well should! Both developed by tough as nails Japanese developing studio “From Software,”  both are renowned for their difficulty but also the expansion of worlds in the game and the restricted progression in the game. Coming in a generation of regenerating health, multiple checkpoints and aim assist- Dark Souls has very few checkpoints and even the lesser enemies can still do harm if you become rather complacent.

Sounds like a perfect match right? PC players getting a hard as nails RPG to sink their teeth into battling it out with Demons of all shapes and sizes. Should PC players then get this? I can’t see why not. The closest RPG PC wise that I can compare Dark Souls to in terms of execution and gameplay is Dragon Age though area’s in Dark Souls can take 20 minutes (flawlessly that is). Dark Souls can take anywhere between a few hours or dozens pending on how you approach the game and how you handle its difficulty. Daunting to console players but it should find a good home on the PC also.

Another solid point about Dark Souls is that although it was developed by a Japanese studio, it was made entirely in English and in that gives the game a Western feel. On the surface, the game does seem to be linear- that a tradition in Final Fantasy and other JRPG’s. Go a little deeper and the game is in fact very open secret passages, deadly traps, hidden monsters and a wealth of quests to do you find yourself in a world that constantly begs to be played and comes recommended to all PC players.

Bit of news now for gamers familar with the “Snake!? Snakeeeeeeee!!” quote from the MGS series. A new game has been announced in the series titled: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes which is coming to both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with a maybe on new hardware systems in the near future. Metal Gear Solid is a true gamers game. Action, humour, art and you have a masterful series all rolled into one. The new game looks tremendous putting the hardware to the limits and graphically is stunning. Footage and some gameplay has been revealed both of which look also very lush and beautiful. Character depth and the rain look again outstanding. From what I can go from, it looks to be a sequel to MGS: Peace Walker and this is one that should be among the hype train in the next year or so. 2013 looks likely at this moment in time.

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