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Did Amazon Jump The Gun On PlayTV?

PlayTVA furious Sony have been forced to dismiss claims that they are set to launch their PlayTV tuner in Europe on the 31st July after a seemingly accidental leak by internet giant Amazon. While Amazon have since removed the launch date, which was listed as 31th July on their system, it seems that they may have stolen the thunder of the electronics giant and they are not too happy!

While the PlayTV tuner was announced a while back there has been no officially confirmation of the release date, with many expecting a raft of add-ons and other announcements when launch date for the tuner is finally announced. This will quite literally transform your PS3 into a traditional TV with recording facilities – it really will take the Playstation to the next level!

So what will the likes of Wii and Microsoft do to combat the obvious threat when the PlayTV tuner is finally announced?

Wii recently announced a deal with the BBC iPlayer system which will allow you to pause your Wii games and watch your favourite TV programs online, while Microsoft are said to be looking at a similar deal as well. It seems that now the three main games console companies have affectively stitched up the gaming market they are now looking to spread their wings. So are there any downsides?

The only downside which they may have in the future is competition from the TV and content companies who will not be best pleased at new competitors to their market place. There are many unwritten rules in business but slowly they all seem to be disappearing with the onset of the web.

Can you really imagine the big TV players sitting back and letting the games consoles companies take market share? No, there will be trouble ahead!

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