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Do you remember the first time you played a handheld console?

Do you remember the first time you played a handheld console?

I was around eight or nine at the time when the now legendary Nintendo Game boy made its way into my grubby little hands. I played Mario to death, and I loved Tetris like you wouldn’t believe.

It was all about the simplicity. Its dull grey rectangular box, with the two red buttons and its rubbish – by today’s standards – black and white screen, are what handhelds today are built on.

I remember making myself feel sick on many a car drive – I was never that good a traveller at the best of times – and that thing went on holiday with me every time for about three years. The most bizarre thing was that I never bought any other games. I was transfixed by the falling blocks of Tetris, and the funny Italian guy that went ‘boing’ when he jumped. In those early days of computer consoles, you didn’t need much else.

Without sounding like an old codger, kids today don’t know how good they’ve got it. The vast selection of games would have driven me insane as a child, what to choose, what to choose…

I sit here with my mobile phone that not only plays games, music, video, but also lets you PHONE PEOPLE!!! Stop the press! I’m just as bad as these kids though, even now, I jump on new games like a fat kid on a donut, and when I’m done, I don’t even look at them again. But if someone handed me a Gameboy with Tetris, I’d be transfixed again. It’s was never the nice graphics, the playability, or the hype, it’s the sheer simplicity, and I think that’s what today’s developers don’t get to do, because people want carnage, destruction and more.

Is the consumer throttling the games industry? Or are the developers trying to hard to appease or Hulk smash! SMASH! Side? Who knows…

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