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Does Gaming Actually Help Focus The Mind?

Brain GamesAs the growth in gaming around the world continues, we are seeing more and more console games, an increase in the number of mobile games and an explosion in the number of online games. Apart from the obvious fun people find in gaming, are there any other benefits?

The gaming industry, whichever leg you look at, often attracts a great degree of criticism from certain areas of the population. Many parents complain that their children spend too much time gaming and not enough time studying – but can gaming benefit your studies and your development?

There have been numerous tests over the years which show that while excessive gaming can cause certain personality defects, gaming in moderation can actually hep to assist with your education and your development. These thoughts have been born out by the recent rise in so called Brain games on the Wii and other games consoles. Even though it seems obvious when you think about it, a fast moving thought provoking game can often bring into play certain areas of the brain which may normally be under used.

It is possible to use certain games and certain functions to recondition the brain, something which is being investigated with regards to those who suffer from some kind of brain disorder or brain damage. This is not to say that gaming is the be all and end all, with all of the answer, more pointing out that there are more benefits than many people might think.

Many people are now becoming bored of the old shoot’em up games and looking for something a little more stimulating, a little more mind provoking and the manufacturers are looking to fill this gap. Quite what we can expect to see next on the market remains to be seen, but gaming technology is moving ahead at full speed!

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