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Don’t go hungry! These apps tell you where to eat…

Restaurant Locator Apps You Need By Tea Time…

If you have an iPhone I can be pretty sure that you also eat – what better app is there out there for you than an app that gives you as much information as possible about the eating possibilities around you…for free…

Read on to discover the free apps that you should have on your iPhone right now that will fill you in on all the food possibilities in your area!


Where is an app that shows you all the places in your area where you can grab a coffee or some food as it works with Starbucks and Yelp to bring you the information that you need to fill up your belly.


Yelp works in a similar way to Where by using GPS to show you all the places to eat in your area – never go hungry again!


This app is for all you city slickers out there.  If you’re in a city and you’re hungry then you’re in luck because this app has a great store of information.

It works in the same way as a fruit machine which lets you tell it how much you want to spend and what you want to eat – it will then tell you what options you have in your city.

However, if you’re out of a city then forget it, there is no point of having this app.


iFob has decided to do away with GPS and instead uses Wi-Fi to connect you with other eaters.  The idea is that when you walk into a restaurant and sit down to tuck in to a meal you can connect with other eaters in close range and chat with them about the food.

You could also life your head and talk to the people next to you but maybe that’s a bit too 90s for today’s technological living.

Restaurant Nutrition

If you like Burger King and McDonalds then stay away from this app – it tells you all about what you’re stuffing into your face which is not always what you want to read.  However if you have a craving for a Big Mac then just launch this app and you’ll be put off in about 3 seconds.


This app works with GPS technology to point out points of interest in your area.  This app is great – it’s easy to use and has loads of useful information which will help you in many different situations like when you need cinemas and restaurants.


This app is another restaurant locator that works with GPS technology – however to make this app a little different you can find out a little bit more about the restaurants in your area with photos, notes, reviews and “virtual graffiti”.

What about you?

Do you find that you are on the look out for a good restaurant locator app?  Do you think you have found one in our list or restaurant apps?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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