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Don’t Leave Home Without These iPhone Tricks!

iPhone tricks you should know…

The iPhone is a beautiful piece of kit but if you don’t know how to get the most out of it then you’re just wasting your time – but don’t worry because we’re here to rescue you and let you know exactly what you’re missing with your Smartphone!

Follow these simple iPhone tips and tricks to make your Smartphone experience loads more fun…

Home Button

This shouldn’t really be coming as news but every iPhone user should know that the little button at the bottom of the iPhone is actually a very helpful little tool to get you home.

No matter where you are in your iPhone and no matter what you’re doing, simply press the little home button and you’ll be taken all the way back to the main screen.

What’s Your Phone Number?

When someone asks you for your phone number you no longer have to “umm” and “errr” helplessly trying to remember what it is.  Press the home button and go to the settings tab.

Find the Phone and select it and your number will be revealed in the top centre of the screen – voila!

iPod Menu Buttons

You don’t have to stick with the same old menu buttons – there is a pretty easy way of changing them in a few simple steps.

Go to the main menu and select the iPod button.  Select the More icon and then select the Edit icon.  Then all you have to do is drag the icon down into the menu over the icon that you want to replace and you’re done.  Don’t follow the crowd – stand out and change your icon!

Frozen Apps

It’s happened to all of us – a frozen application can be a bit annoying but there is a simple method of getting home again.

If you have been waiting for an app to respond and nothing has been happening then simply press and hold the home button for a few seconds until you are taken home – wipe the tear away from your cheek and move on like nothing ever happened.

Sharing Safari Address

So, you have found a great site and you want your friend to visit it and enjoy it as much as you have – there is an easy way of sharing the site!

Go to the page that you want to share in Safari and tap the address bar.  In the top left corner you will see a share button which you should press.  This will compose a new email with the web address in the message section.  Then all you have to do is add the email address and send it…so easy!

Hard Reset

Sometimes you will find that you need to reboot your iPhone – don’t worry it’s just as easy as every other trick in this article.

To reboot the iPhone press and hold the sleep button as well as the home button for a few seconds – bang…consider your iPhone rebooted!

What about you?

How helpful have you found our tricks?  What tricks could you suggest?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think…

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