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DS Hits the Back of the Net

If you’re cool enough to remember it, that’s right, I said cool. You’ll be pleased, nay, uncontrollably excited to hear about the latest addition to the Nintendo DS’s ever expanding collection. Subbuteo DS. Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll!!!…


If, like me, you remember the days when you would gleefully move your parents living room table out of the way and unfurl your bright green felt ‘pitch’ and set up your best eleven, to take on your mate? Well now you can do it without the cat chasing the ball, or your dog eating your star striker.


With football games like Fifa ’08 and Pro Evolution Soccer getting more and more realistic, Italian studio Artematica have taken the game back to its roots. Published by 505 Games, the console version promises to recreate all the excitement of the classic floor, or table-top game if you were posh, complete with the timeless ‘weeble’ bases, letting you defend, attack, and pass the ball with a simple flick of the stylus.


The game appears to be turn-based much like the real-life version, with a finger-flick icon appearing on the touch screen, giving you the option to adjust the angle and power of your strike. The upper screen, meanwhile, shows the game in all its glory, with fouls, goals and any other action points.


Other awesome features include the ability to customize tournaments, leagues, create new teams, name players, change strip colours, your team’s logo and play others over the DSs’ Wi-Fi connection – much easier than trying to play the original game in the back of the car…  


As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited about the game. With loads of RPG’s, platformer’s and ‘girlie’ games on the market, its nice to know some developers remember what it was like to be young.


Subbuteo on DS is due for release in September. To quote one Alan Partridge: “Back of the net!”

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