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DS Tips – While you wait for the release of the DSi…

Sometimes just having a DS isn’t enough – you need to know what you can do with it that Nintendo didn’t tell you!  Read on to discover the tips and tricks to do with your DS that will make the time between now and the release of the DSi pass by a little easier;

•    The Wii is your friend – The Nintendo Channel on the Wii can be a great way of downloadable DS demos – to find out where they are hiding just clock on the channel, go to the video list and choose the option “Find Titles For You”.

You’ll find the DS Download service button there and the rest is pretty much obvious!  Thank Nintendo for making the whole process so easy…

•    Speed surf that DS – How annoying is it when you are trying to enter in a website address and you have to spend around half an hour getting the job done…not any more.

There is a “speed type” option available to you to make the most of – when you’re starting to type in the web address all you have to do is to touch one of the five buttons to slap a “.com” or a “.net” to the end of the address – you’ll save a few minutes so that can’t be bad!

•    Browser failsafe mode – Sometimes we lose passwords and it can be pretty annoying.  However if you have completely forgotten the password to get into your DS’s browser then don’t fret because there is a way to get into the failsafe mode of the browser and default it back to its factory settings!

All you have to do is click on the browser and while it’s loading hold down L, R, Up, X and B and then select Enter Failsafe Mode.  Voila, you’re browsing again…

•    How to get chatty with your DS – There are some situations when it is necessary to get chatty with your DS – you have to tell it to do something, for example, but it doesn’t always want to listen to you.

The best thing to do when you need to speak to your DS is to hold your console around 30cm away from your mouth and speak with a slightly raised voice – but don’t shout!  If you want to start shouting then your voice will be distorted and you will only confuse the little guy so speak loudly and clearly.

•    Wake me up before you go go – If all you’ve got is a DS and a strong need to wake up early then fear not because your DS can double as an alarm clock.  To get the process started take out any game that might be in the console and turn it on.  Once you’re at the home screen select the Settings button.

Select the button that looks like an alarm clock and set the time, confirm and quit.  Then follow the on-screen instructions and continue with your nap!

Any tips of your own?

What tips have you learnt along the years with your DS?  Let us know and help the DS community by spreading your knowledge…

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