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DSi – What You Should Know Before The Launch

Just a few days now…

As the launch of the DSi looms even closer to us here in Europe we feel it’s about time we understood exactly what we are waiting for…what are the differences between the new, elusive DSi and the old favourite DS Lite?

After all don’t forget we get our hands on the little console slightly before our brothers and sisters from across the pond in America – lucky us…


The DSi comes kitted out with 2 cameras for your enjoyment, although only one is visible while having a play on your little Nintendo buddy.  Apparently we should never be without a camera pointed right at your forehead – anyone with a MacBook will understand where I’m coming from when I say it can be a little daunting…


Nintendo have gone back to their love of matte finished which is a slightly far cry from the shiny finish slapped onto the Nintendo DS Lite.  Whether you thought the shiny finish on the Lite was nice or tacky doesn’t matter because you don’t have a choice in the matter.

I personally prefer the matter finish as the shiny one is a little cheap both aesthetically and through touch…matte is the way forward for me!

Power Button

The DSi is going back to basics with their power button – the Lite introduced the tidy slider power button but Nintendo are taking a lesson from the original DS and re-placing the power button on the face.

Gone are the days when you accidently switch your DS off and lose the last 4 hours worth of gaming – good stuff!


The DSi gets a bigger screen – a whole quarter of an inch larger diagonally.  It doesn’t sound like a lot but believe us it is although it is a little disappointing that the resolution is exactly the same as the DS Lite.

Nevertheless the bigger the screen, the happier we are…


Say bye-bye to those dated gaming slot and welcome in the SD Card slot – welcome to 2009 and enjoy the introduction of modern technology.  Bring on the tears from Game Boy lovers who can’t imagine life without a gaming slot, but never mind…times change, roll with the punches guys and girls…

Online Store

As the DSi has been in the market for a while it has already been tried and tested by gamers – however it just so happens that the market is in Japan and nowhere near us here in little old Europe…but if the Japanese have taught us anything it is that the DSi and its online store work together like bread and butter…

Think iPhone and AppStore – a union made in the stars.  Nintendo should be on to an absolute winner with their online store…let’s just hope they know what to do with it!


The DS has been on a diet and the DSi has shrunk a massive 12 per cent of its size – celebration all around…small is this year’s black…perfect pocket size!

What about you?

Looking forward to the DSi’s launch or do you think it’ll be just a waste of money?  Let us know…

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