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DSi: Europe Release Date 2 Days Before US

We’ve been given a date, people…

There’s a lot of gamers out there that are dying to get their hands on a Nintendo DSi and until now there has been little more than a few murmurs from Nintendo to give any sort of idea about when we would be getting hold of a copy over here in Europe – until now…

That’s right people, we have a date!  We will be getting our little gaming mits on a Nintendo DS on April 3 when there will be more than a long line outside your local gaming store before the sun breaks through the horizon.

But that’s not all of the news.  While we’ll be playing around with the new console, leaving our lives behind us and forgetting our woes, the United States will still be sitting in their houses, waiting…

Wait for it…

The United States launch date for the console is actually a couple of days after ours here in Europe – April 5. It’s about time that there was a bit of change around this little waiting issue and for a change our brothers and sisters across the pond are the ones that will have to be sitting on their tod for a little while longer.

Over here, for us slightly earlier birds, we will be paying the reasonable price of £149 and we will be getting the joyous option of having either a black DSi or a white DSi – what a choice…

Obviously it’s still early days in the life of the DSi and no one’s really crying out for that Mario collectors edition of it just yet – after all I think most people just want to get their hands on it no matter what colour it is.

Japan has had the DSi for ages!

As we all know we’ve been waiting for the console to hit our shores for a while now.  Nintendo have been enjoying massive success with the console in Japan for a good while now.

The console sports a tidy couple of on-board cameras and has lost a bit of weight in its evolution from the original DS and DS Lite brothers.  The biggest change on the console however is the addition of an SD card slot as well as a supplied 256MB memory – not something to scoff at!

£30 for 2 days – is it worth it?

However, don’t start celebrating that we have one over our American counterparts as we will actually be paying a bit more for our products in Britain.  While we will be shelling out £149 for the console, Americans in the United States will be paying out £30 less for the privilege.

It’s a bit of a slap in the face, but many gamers out there will be willing to pay the extra £30 simply for the bragging rights.

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