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DSi – Is It Really Worth It?

Is it really worth it?

So we’ve had the new DSi available on the market for a while now – we have to ask, though, is it worth it?  After all the boys over at Nintendo aren’t asking for pennies for the privilege of owning the unit – is it really worth £130?

Nintendo will of course tell us that it is worth getting rid of our usual, boring DS’s, after all, the DSi is packed with fantastically exciting little things like cameras, downloadable possibilities and bigger screens…but so does pretty much any Smartphone on the market.

Is it time that Nintendo were told that they aren’t really giving us enough for our money?  After all, Nintendo have finally recognised the iPhone as a member of the gaming community…maybe they should agree with the rest of us that it’s competition and not just a beautiful face…

Let’s see whether they deserve their money or not;

It ‘ain’t new…

The DSi isn’t exactly a new piece of kit – it’s just an update.  If Nintendo are trying to get us to believe that the DSi is a brand new gaming experience then don’t believe them.  A new gaming device means going from the Game Boy to the DS, not the DS to the DSi.

You’re paying a fair old piece of money to get a slightly larger screen and slightly lighter device.  All DS devices in the family feature the same stylus and the exact same graphics so it’s a bit of a con to think it’s all new.

It ‘ain’t moving in the right direction…

In an attempt to move the evolution of the DS family back a couple of steps, Nintendo seem to have removed the GBA slot from the device meaning that you will no longer be able to play games like Guitar Hero which involves using the slot.

So in fact you’re paying more money to NOT be able to play games you’ve already bough – doesn’t that seem counterproductive to you?  Nintendo obviously don’t care about the little people who might want to play such games on their DSi – apparently we should all just deal with it…

Furthermore, you will have obviously figured out by now that it isn’t just Guitar Hero that you can’t play on the new DSi – with the removal of the GBA slot goes with it the ability to play GBA games – if you’ve got a stock then I’m sorry, you might as well chuck them out…Nintendo have decided to have done with the format.

It ‘ain’t exactly full…

If you think the online store is a bonus for the DSi then I’m sorry but it just isn’t all that – it’s practically empty bar a few little pieces and it really isn’t a selling point.

It ‘ain’t worth it!

Come on, let’s be honest – perhaps the DSi is a great little device to have if you have money to burn, but if you actually want to buy the DSi to have an evolved gaming experience then you’re just going to be disappointed!  Let us know what you think…

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