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DSi Says “NO” To Piracy

Gaming piracy on the DSi?  Forget about it…

Bad news for all of you naughty boys and girls out there who like to play pirated DS games – apparently there are rumours and reports flying around that indicate that Nintendo have figured out how to stop everyone playing illegal games on their DSis…damn!

That’s right, content piracy will have to find its way back the Internet where the attack can continue on Hollywood because Nintendo are having non of it anymore.  Fake DS cartridges are said to be useless on the new DSi consoles which is slightly more than an annoyance for all of you out there who paid a pretty penny for your new shiny DSi.

It was obviously going to happen in time…with the new technology it would make sense that they would throw in a stopper to illegal gaming, making everyone who bought a DSi have to go out and spend massive amounts of money on the games as well.

Don’t cry yet though – give it a couple of weeks and the hackers will have fixed the whole situation for you…only time stands in the way of you and your illegal activities so don’t stress out too much.

90 per cent of DS players choose pirated!

Nintendo should be aware that they are annoying around 90 per cent of their customer base!  That’s right, if you thought you were breaking the law all on your own then you are very sadly mistaken – around 90 per cent of Nintendo DS owners in America were forced to resort to pirated games to entertain them…they won’t be very happy upon hearing the news.

John Hillier, the manager of the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association’s Intellectual Property Crimes Unit (that’s a long name!), slammed America’s pirates blaming them for Nintendo’s poor showing in the States.

“In America it’s thought 90 percent of Nintendo DS users are playing pirated games because of R4s. Takings from Nintendo DS games in the U.S. are lower than any other console and no doubt it will have a similar impact (in the U.K.),” said Hillier.

“That’s the real danger – you may think you’re getting a good deal but using the R4 is risking the future of the games industry.  Crucially, the R4 has shifted balance of power in the piracy industry to the consumer – and that is hugely worrying. That’s why we intend to stop trade in these chips wherever we can.”

The R4 chip is made in China and works by bypassing the DS’s built-in defences against such naughtiness.  Although the chip is obviously illegal to sell in Britain it actually isn’t illegal to buy.  However DS users who download and play illegal games on their DS could face civil action.

“The R4 in effect blinds the console and makes it think it’s seeing a genuine game,”
continued Hillier.

Pirate or Proper?

Do you partake in such naughty illegalities or do you condone anyone who does and claim that they’re killing the gaming world in much the same way as Hellier has done?  Let us know what you say about gaming piracy…

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