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DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 1 – Storage

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 1

The battle of the portable gaming consoles is back on and it’s a thriller of a ride – we’ve got competition once again for the mighty DS family and once again it comes from the Sony camp in the form of the uber trendy PSP Go.

It’ll be interesting to pit these two legendary gaming developers against each other once again as the release of the next generation of portable gaming is set to hit our stores in October of this year – the questions truly is whether Nintendo are finally going to lose their crown over the portable gaming world or not?

Let’s take a look at what the PSP Go is going to offer us and see if it stands up against the mega DS experience;


Whether you wanted it to happen or not, Sony have gotten rid of the UMD format – that’s good news for UMD haters out there but bad news if you’ve built up a collection because you won’t be able to play them on the new PSP Go.

Instead Sony are turning to Gigabytes to fulfil their needs – the PSP Go will be kitted out with either 16GB or 8GB, reminiscent of an iPhone, and you will be able to download content directly to the device, reminiscent of both the AppStore and the slightly lame DSiWare.  If it works for Apple, Sony are hoping it’s going to work for them – let’s hope they get it right.

The DSi made a similar move away from the old ways by dumping the GBA slots on their latest release – a move that wasn’t quite as welcomed by Nintendo lovers who didn’t really have a problem with the old format.

Instead the DSi has still got cartridges on its side in the fight against the PSP Go, although this will probably only be available for backwards compatible issues rather than upcoming gaming – I imagine that Nintendo, like Sony, are looking to go online for their content.

That’s probably why the DSi allows you to download content in a similar way to the PSP Go, although there isn’t much available for you if you like either a challenge or a good gaming experience – if Nintendo want to unleash hell on Sony they are going to have to up their online game fast!

The DSi doesn’t have the built-in capabilities that Sony is going to provide but you can pop to the shops and buy up to 16GB worth of SD Card for your console which makes the two consoles sit comfortably on a pretty even keel.

DSi or PSP Go?

Which one is more attractive to you?  Which one would you buy given the chance?  Today we looked at the storage capabilities of both consoles, tomorrow we’ll take a closer look at games and controls available to the two units so bookmark us and come back tomorrow to find out more!

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