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DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 2 – Games

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 2

Yesterday we started our journey down the incredibly fun path of comparing the two giants of the portable gaming world – Sony and Nintendo.

As the release of the exciting new PSP Go creeps ever closer it’s important to take the time out to make sure to understand exactly what is being sent our way and whether it’s any competition against the king of portable gaming…

Sony hasn’t had much luck in the portable gaming market recently, releasing the PSP 3000, a sad upgrade from the flat PSP, which didn’t fair too well against the likes of the casual gamers’ ever popular DS experience.

We’ve looked at the storage capabilities of the two units and so far they look pretty similar – we’re headed towards an age of downloadable content and there isn’t much we can do about it – today we’re going to check out what we can expect gaming wise.


Quite impressively, Sony are ready for their launch preparing a staggering hundred titles for the special day.  How amazing is that?  In an age where we are used to gaming console developers concentrating more on their hardware than the software for the little people (you and me).

However this is probably Sony’s way of making up for dropping the UMD capabilities – by dropping their UMD powers they are effectively forcing gamers everywhere to throw out their large collection of games that have been built up, faithfully over the years.

Think about all that money Sony are asking us to say goodbye to?  Granted I can be pretty sure that due to this UMD demise a lot of people will be keeping hold of their older PSP consoles, but still it’s a big move by Sony and they are trying to sweeten us up with a multitude of titles to choose from on the first day.

What could Sony do though?  UMD has had bad press from day one and no one can say they enjoy the format.  Now we can say UMD is officially dead…but rather than introduce a new format for the new console Sony has realised that portable gaming is looking online for content and not little disks and cassettes.

Is Apple responsible for this change in direction?  It’s possible!  After all, who can deny that the success of the iPhone over the last year has been boosted by the incredible idea of the AppStore – we want our content online and downloadable!

In response the DSi has also gotten rid of its Game Boy Advanced slot in an attempt to move into the future but they haven’t quite shunned older gamers in quite the same way as they have still kept the use of cartridges.

Furthermore Nintendo have added the almighty SD Card slot so you can have as much memory as you like on as many cards as you like – now that is useful!

But when you look at the offerings on DSiWare you start to wonder what you need the space for – there is very little available that excites and you start to wonder if it’s even worth buying an SD card…Nintendo need to do something in this department!

DSi or PSP Go?

When it comes to gaming who would you side with?  Does Sony or Nintendo float your boat?  Stay tuned, tomorrow we’re going to check out the differences between the two giants when it comes to controls…

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