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DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 3 – Controls

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 3

We’ve been taking time out to have a close look at the new evolution by Sony’s portable gaming experience, the PSP Go.  So far we’ve had a look at how the consoles fair against each other when it comes to storage and games available.

Storage wise the two devices were pretty similar, although the DSi had SD card capabilities which means there’s really no end to the storage – unfortunately the DSi falls over when you think there is pretty much nothing worth downloading!

The PSP Go on the other hand is kitted out with 8/16GB storage with 100 titles ready for download when it’s launched, but no UMD capabilities meaning no backwards compatibility.

So, the two consoles still have little separating them – today we’re going to look at the controls each unit has to see if we can blow this competition wide open;


The previous PSP versions have opted to have the controls on the outer limits of the device while keeping the screen in the middle – think Game Gear but without all the batteries.

This control outlook wasn’t exactly a problem – we all had a good time and no one was complaining.  However Sony have decided to change it up slightly in an attempt to make the whole unit more compressed, lighter and compact like the DSi!

The PSP Go has opted for the “slide” functionality that we’ve come to know and love with many Smartphones and mobile phones over the years.  On the PSP Go we can find the controls under the screen so we can slide the screen up to reveal the controls which are basically the same but pushed together.

Sony have a history of sticking with what works and their controls have remained the same throughout the PlayStation 1,2 and 3 – the same can be said for the PSP, although they have just moved together.

Thankfully we still have the analogue stick which we’ve come to now take for granted on the PSP – the DSi on the other hand doesn’t have anything like the analogue stick which arguably takes gaming to the next level.

The DSi of course has the touch screen that has made the DS family popular – if the history of gadgets proves anything then it’s that touch screens are immensely popular!  It’s unsure yet as to whether Sony have decided to include the feature on their unit, but if they did then it would be a strong move!

Although the touch screen feature isn’t exactly the friendliest gaming consideration for developers, we all love being able to touch the screen to make a difference, but let’s be honest the Sony controls have never needed any gimmicks!

DSi or PSP Go?

The controls on both the consoles are completely different.  Do you prefer touching screens or getting the most from buttons and analogue sticks?  Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the sizes and shapes of the two consoles so stay tuned and come back tomorrow to find out more!

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