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DSi vs. PSP Go! Part 4 – Size and Shape

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 4

As you might have heard Sony is planning on bringing out the PSP Go in October sparking the battle between the two gaming giants once again.  Nintendo have been looking pretty weak in recent times so it’ll be interesting to see the effects of the PSP Go upon its release.

So far, it has to be said, the PSP Go has been looking the winner in the battle although no one can really be surprised.  Very little separated the two when it came to storage, but the fact that Sony is going to have a hundred titles ready for the release of the PSP Go is very exciting!

The with controls, Sony has to win every time – who can resist the mighty analogue stick?  Let’s just hope they think about throwing in touch screen fun too, but no one will cry if they don’t.

So what’s next?  If you want your portable gaming to be as portable as possible then you probably care how big the units are and how heavy they are…are they going to fit in your pocket?  Are they going to fit in your bag?  You need to know!

Size and Shape

The PSP has had a history for being quite a hefty piece of kit – there was a reason for the size though.  How else could they deliver such good graphics on such a brilliant screen along with the usual PS controls that we’re come to count on for our gaming experiences?

Now they’ve come up with a better way to bring everything to you at a fraction of the size – as Sony have managed to incorporate a slide feature they can cut the size down massively by placing the controls under the screen.  However it’ll be interesting to see how strong that slider is…how many of you will be snapping your PSP Gos in half?

There is no word about the exact size yet but we don’t reckon it’s going to be much bigger than it needs to be – Sony are going compact against the DSi.  However the DSi is very compact for a portable gaming console.

The tiny DSi has been on slimming pills since the old days of the DS and the DS Lite – weighing in at 214g and measuring 137mm x 74.9mm x 18.9mm the DSi manages to put up quite a fight when it comes to size and weight.

The DSi is also known for folding up like a little book for portability.  When it comes to pitting the two against each other it’s important to understand what you’re looking for in a portable gaming experience – do you want to trade portability for gaming experience?

It’s unfair to judge the PSP Go against the DSi when it comes to size and weight as we don’t know the specs for the PSP Go, but as it stands I would move towards Sony’s offering – it’s fresh and unique and it doesn’t look like it passes on quality.

DSi or PSP Go?

Does size really matter?  Do you look for size or quality?  Tomorrow we’ll finish our comparison of the two units so stay tuned to find out more!

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