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DSi vs. PSP Go Part 5 – Release Dates & Verdict

DSi vs. PSP Go – Part 5

We have spent the week comparing the two portable gaming consoles that are set to split the world down the middle – Nintendo’s DSi and Sony’s PSP Go.

We started off by looking at the storage of the unit – both units managed to provide pretty much the same deal but where Nintendo hardly managed to provide anything of interest in the downloadable market, Sony is apparently set to have a hundred titles ready for download upon the PSP Gos release.

Both consoles decided to say goodbye to old formats – the DSi got rid of their GBA capabilities while the PSP has decided to get rid of the UMD format.  Both Sony and Nintendo have decided to turn to online content, although Sony won’t have anything else in case online doesn’t work…

Then we had a look at the controls on the consoles – the DSi had the same old touch screen that its predecessors enjoyed and the PSP Go is set to have pretty much the same controls as the PSPs in the past…the only difference being that the controls are brought in to the middle of the console under the sliding screen.

Weight wise we can’t compare the two because we don’t yet know how heavy and how large the PSP Go is going to be, but let’s be honest, from the pictures we’ve seen we have to side with the PSP Go for appearing to bring quality and size in a single package.

But the question on everyone’s lips is a real release date.

Release Date

When can we look at getting our hands on the PSP Go?  According to the Sony PSP website the USA will be getting the PSP Go from Fall 2009.  We can expect to get the console over here in Britain soon after that.

Meanwhile the guys over in Japan are getting the console reportedly as early as September – once again the Japanese are getting the benefits of getting the next generation of portable gaming earlier than the rest of the world.

The same happened with the DSi – it was released months ahead of the rest of the world in Japan.  This meant that the rest of the world had to sit idly by and watch as gamers on the other side of the world have all the fun.

Although, to be honest to Nintendo all this did was make the rest of the world want one even more, out of pure jealousy.  Sony aren’t leaving too much time between launches but it would be nice to show a bit of equality!


When it comes down to it you have to look at the big differences between the old models and the new models.  When you are asked to shell out so much money you want a real upgrade in return.

Nintendo haven’t managed to deliver a real upgrade at all and have just gleamed up their same old DS console – Sony on the other hand have totally rethought their gaming experience and it looks like we’re set to get the new age of portable gaming in the palm of our hands before Christmas.

It seems that the time for Nintendo’s ruling has come to an end and Sony can reclaim their title – big up the PSP Go!

And you?

Do you agree with our review?  Do you think the PSP Go is set to be a winner?  Are you Nintendo through and through?  Let us know…

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