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E3 2009 – The Best PSP Titles On Their Way

E3 2009 – The Top PSP Games

E3 2009 not only was the home for the launch of the PSP Go, Sony’s new portable gaming console set to take the world by storm, we also got a load of the new games being sent to stores near us over the next couple of months.

While Sony managed to stay focused on the more mature games for their consoles, Nintendo seem to have reverted back to the casual gaming names that have done them proud in the past – the question is, are casual games still a thing of the future?

Instead of stepping up to the challenge by Sony’s PSP Go to possibly look harder at their DSiWare showing, Nintendo seem to have given up by churning out more of the same old stuff…

Below are some of the more interesting games from the Sony camp which we could be playing very soon;

SOCOM UK Navy SEALS: Fireteam Bravo 3

The game is filled with large levels to get lost in, stunning graphics and realistic tactics that make the SOCOM gaming experiences what they are – truly magnificent and fun to play.

The game manages to bring all this to the PSP along with the option to play new online co-op gaming for up to 4 players.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This game, from the guys over at Capcom, manages to deliver massive amounts of gameplay with superb attention to detail – the game supplies exciting new weaponry, monsters, environments and even free downloadable content when the game launches.

The game is said to bring hundreds of hours of gameplay which is truly brilliant if you love your role playing experiences.

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

This portable version of Soul Calibur is set to be a best seller – providing fantastically strong graphics and realistic controls, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is going to be a PSP necessity when it’s released!

Gran Turismo

If ever there was a driving game available on a portable fashion that would supply realistic physics and graphics with amazing gameplay, then this would be it.

Gran Turismo is set to go right to the top of the board of great driving gaming experiences.

Unfortunately, the game is slightly let down by the fact that there are so few cars available, only four in fact, and there is no option for multi-playing gaming which is again disappointing…still these set backs can’t possibly take away from how great the simulation car driving experience is – if driving is one of your passions then you need to get your mits on this release when it becomes available.

E3 justice?

Do you think the E3 conference has proved that the PSP format still has a hook in the portable gaming world?  Do you think the new games are worth your money?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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