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E3 2012- The Verdict

E3 came and went pretty darn quickly this week and for good reason. The hype which promised much at the show did not in many ways deliver and the 3 main keynote conferences were all largely disappointing. So without further ado and after forcefully watching all 3, here is my thoughts on what should have been much more.

Microsoft: Dull, boring and uninspired, this was the worst of the three keynotes and the focus on games seemed to evaporate after the Halo 4 demo. Third party demos were shown as the bulk of the show and left much to be desired from the exclusive front. A few kinect titles, Halo 4, the new Splinter Cell though not been said as an exclusive as of yet and a Gears 4 trailer.

The best moment of the keynote was the showing of Xbox smartglass. The potential could be endless and connecting to the range of devices while influencing gameplay could be innovative. Unfortunately, the voice commands through kinect is a pointless gimmick. A swipe of the nub on the controller will be much quicker.

Sony: Better than Microsoft yet still dull on many levels and left questions as to what was not shown. We all know Sony has a large array of exclusives more so than Microsoft yet no commercial killers outside of MGS4, Uncharted and Gran Turismo. Beyond: Two Souls was previewed and the game looks immense. Heavy Rain was epic, can this be better from Quantic Dream? After that, the show descended into a re-announcements of announcements and I dislike how Sony reveal games before the show.

God of War: Ascension and Playstation Battle Stars Royale were all announced before the show so the excitement was soon diluted. The Last of Us demo saved the show and when Jack Tretton announced everyone would receive a years free plus and games through it, the roar was immense. The lack of focus on the Vita was startling also to say the least.

Nintendo: Quite simply awful and dull. I was bored near enough immediately and was piqued about Pikmin 3 which looks very good. Mii universe also looks interesting but announcements like Batman: Arkham City coming to Wii U after been out for a year is silly. Granted, it is a superb game yet relying on a year old game to boost new hardware when the next gen is coming is silly and strange.

A title that has hardcore gen written all over it Deus Ex or GTA. Battlefield 3 could well work on the console but this policy will falter and the fact Nintendo discussed little was bizarre. Yes the 3DS sells bucketloads but the Wii U may do so also and it is soon on the horizon.

Outside of the keynotes was a few other interesting announcements. Dead Space 3 announced co-op and I am sure it may well be a good title but co-op in a horror game that is so good at horror? Strange move and may well backfire. The best game at E3 was no doubt Watch Dogs from Ubisoft which looks quintessentially purring with brilliance and oozes polish. Combining elements from GTA and Deus Ex, it looks to be a killer title when it comes around and the gameplay demo was very polished and entertaining.

So, quick round up then after a mediocre E3.

Best Game: Watch Dogs

Best media related announcement: Xbox smartglass

Best keynote: Sony

Worst game: Wreckateer

Worst keynote: Nintendo

Worst media related announcement: Xbox voice commands

Best moment: Jack Tretton announcing everyone in the conference room in the Sony keynote would receive a years free PS+ subscription.

Overall verdict: Some inspired moments few and far between, next years E3 must give us an indication for console announcements for Xbox and Sony…we are all waiting.


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