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EA Excited about Mobile Gaming

EA Mobile is a bit excited at the moment. Travis Boatman, vice president of EA’s Mobile Studios Worldwide says the company are “champing at the bit to include a bunch of new technologies in its mobile games.”


While at BREW 2008 last week, he outlined some of the future technology that Electronic Arts are dying to use,


“Imagine being able to use your camera while playing the game and see your opponent,” he said. “Or imagine being able to use voice or the speakerphone, so that you could be playing Tetris against someone and talking to them while playing the game.”


Pointing out that the majority of phone users have music stored on their handsets, music will also play a part in EA’s mobile gaming future.


“Imagine being able to access all your music and play your own play list while you’re playing games,” he said.


He went on to describe the company’s desire to use location-based features and internet connectivity,


”There are so many bits of information out there. Communities where people talk about walkthroughs and FAQs, and people collecting around social networks like Facebook and Myspace. Being able to take these communities and leverage them into the mobile market is really compelling.”


Boatman also spoke regarding some of the features already in EA’s games that he’s excited about, including using proper cut scenes in mobile games.


“Why do cut scenes? It’s a lot more fun to watch a cut scene that explains what you’re going to do in the next mission than it is to sit through and read a bunch of text,” he said.


EA Mobile is also using layered audio (multiple sound effects at once) in its latest Madden mobile game in the US; Boatman explained how it enhances gameplay.

“You want to hear the crowd cheering in the background while the quarterback goes ‘Hut Hut Hut’,” he said. “Those types of experiences are enriched when you can hear all this at the same time.”

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