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eBay have had enough of counterfeit DS consoles

Counterfeit Nintendo DS’s are being sold left, right and centre.  A couple were caught the other day selling illegal copies of the gaming console on eBay and arrested.  However, eBay have said that they are putting their foot down on the matter, because they simply have had enough of it.

The couple, situated in Bromley in Kent, have been apparently running the illegal sales operation for over two years now and earned up to £50,000 through December alone.  However, fake Nintendo DS’s are not all fun and games as you would hope.  Instead they provide highly unsafe console chargers and other issues that would not be delivered by the original Nintendo products.

Now eBay have taken more than they can handle of the illegal activity and have spoken out about the activity that occurred on their website.  The Head of Trust and Safety for eBay, Richard Ambrose, has said that the company works closely with the law enforcement organisations and adamantly does not want illegal activity on their website.

“This investigation sends a clear signal to sellers of counterfeits who rip off buyers on our site that they won’t get away with it.  eBay works closely with law enforcement agencies like trading standards to tackle fake goods. Counterfeits are bad for everyone – consumers, manufacturers, respectable sellers and eBay.

“Trust is the engine of eBay and the trade of counterfeit products undermines that trust,” continued Ambrose, clearly upset about the recent discovery of illegal activity through the eBay website.

Amongst the fake Nintendo DS’s discovered in Kent, the local police also found 150 counterfeit games for both the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance consoles.

The managing director of ELSPA, Michael Rawlinson, has underlined the effect of such illegal activities, saying, “The replication of video games software and hardware is illegal and has a negative impact on both local and national businesses. ELSPA would like to thank the thorough and professional investigation by Bromley Trading Standards department and local Police whose work with our investigators has stopped the illegal activities of yet another Internet pirate.”

Stansted  Airport have also announced that they are aware that a large number of counterfeit game consoles are finding their way into the country and they are warning that the counterfeit consoles are potentially dangerous pieces of hardware.

The cabinet member for environment and waste, county councillor Tracey Chapman, said, “Consumers should think twice before ordering video games consoles from foreign websites.  If you do place an order through one of these sites you risk it being seized at Customs, and if you do receive your console it could be a very dangerous fake.

“Our advice would be to only purchase games consoles from reputable traders, who you know you can get in contact with if something goes wrong.  When ordering anything online it is important to check the company’s policy on refunds and returns, and to ensure they give a full contact address,” announced Chapman.

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