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Fallout developer Bethesda coming to an iPhone near you…

iFallout Touch Pod…

It would seem as though Bethesda, the developers behind the highly successful Fallout 3, are moving to the iPhone as the executive producer of the company, John Howard announced at this years New York Comic Con.

The developers are heading into a market that is clearly taking gaming to the next level.  The iPhone launched its gaming experience as it opened its electronic doors at the AppStore mid way through 2008 and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Now the iPhone is way ahead of the competition for mobile gaming devices and the recent word on the street is that the bigger developers were giving the device a little more attention than before.

And now it’s starting to happen – the announcement by Bethesda is a clear sign that the bigger boys in the industry are starting to play ball.  Although this isn’t Bethesda’s first attempt at trying to crack their way into the mobile gaming arena.

Leave “Elder” at home…

Bethesda tried and failed to bring “The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey” to the mobile gaming community and it’s good news that they weren’t put off by the whole experience.

Bethesda are not giving anything away though and they’re keeping very tight lipped about their iPhone project, but the world is keeping its fingers tightly crossed for the expected release of iFallout…or something to that effect.

Whatever game Bethesda plans on bringing out will be an attempt to secure themselves firmly on the AppStore’s top developers list and successfully grab a firm grasp of the market while other large developers fumble about getting their act together.

Risk is part of the game, although is there any for Bethesda?

However, it could go another way.  As with the downfall of “Elder” on mobile handsets, Bethesda could fail and fall hard again with their iPhone attempt.  Risk is all part of the game, however, and Bethesda will undoubtedly be putting some good, hard effort into their release.

Whatever happens, their won’t be any plans for Bethesda to be switching their developing focus towards the likes of the Nintendo Wii which Howard labelled as a “kid’s toy”.

Speaking to MTV Howard demoted the highly successful console’s importance, saying “The Wii is a kids’ toy.  The PS3 and Xbox 360 are for evil kill-fests.”

Bethesda clearly feels that they will have a market on the iPhone however, so all mobile gamers out there who are up for a bit of an “evil kill-fest” then get ready to party.

Bring out the big guns…

Even more proof that we are witnessing the beginning of the next chapter of iPhone gaming is the impending release of Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone.

All this exciting gaming news is probably a response to Apple’s recent announcement that they plan on changing the AppStore’s pricing structure, meaning that the bigger developers can come along without the fear of giving away their games for next to nothing.

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