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Favourite Games List

We all have our favourite games. From casual gamers such as my fiancée, her favourite game is Crash Team Racing which is undoubtedly one of the best karting games ever made. Then there are gamers like myself where I play pretty much everything. This is opinion and this does not mean that my selection of games are better than others-they are my favourite games. Comment your favourite games on Facebook/Twitter or on this very post. Lets begin:

 10.  Crash Team Racing: As I mentioned, me and my fiancée regularly play Crash Team Racing. Why? Because it is so fun and timeless. Even now its mechanics are better than in games such as LBP Karting or even Mario Kart to a certain extent. Its graphics remain sharp, colourful and age has only helped its colours shine more brightly. The game also happens to be really good when played splitscreen and game developers should look to games like this that are still played via splitscreen.

Its a ridiculously fun game that I love and won’t get bored of playing. Like the best games, each time you play it brings something new to experience and see. Like beating your partner at something never gets boring (though I am fairly certain she would say the same). CTR is on PS1 or on the PSN for those that have a PSP, PS3 or PS Vita. Or like me have all 4.

9. Fallout 3: The point in which I got bored of Fallout 3 is when I completed everything-all the DLC, quests and levelled to max level. That point was over 80 hours of my time. Fallout 3 is my favourite western RPG. Unlike Oblivion, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Fallout 3 is an extremely visceral game with a sharp dark tone coupled with dark humour and complete freedom. It is far more likeable than Oblivion/Skyrim due to a more engaging setting and story.

Its also really fun to play. I remember one sunny February afternoon, the PSN was down. I started playing this at 10 in the morning. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 9 at night. Fallout 3 is perhaps more focused than Skyrim therefore making it harder to recommend to anyone and everyone. Still, nuclear apocalypse RPG? Its on PS3/360 and PC.

8. Guitar Hero 2: Despite playing the technically superior Guitar Hero 3 first, Guitar Hero 2 became instantly far more appealing. The gameplay is much more fair and the songs are superb. The game is really fun to play instead of its sequel. Songs from Avenged Sevenfold to Gun’s ‘N’ Roses, GH2 has so much variety and freshness every time you play a song. The main draw of its sequel was unfortunately Dragonforce despite having a superb Metallica track as well as a few others.

GH2 is on PS2 and Xbox 360. Its great fun and no more do you have to pretend to air guitar. It is also perhaps slightly more challenging than GH3 with songs like Free Bird and Jordan. Have fun!

7. Burnout 3: Takedown: Never have I played a game as intense as this. Burnout 3 to this day remains a visceral arcadey type racing game which still stands tall today being graphically sharp and intense. The major feature of this game is the ability to perform takedowns where you can ram your car into others and take them of the road. Its best mode is without doubt Road Rage where you try to take out other racers while keeping yourself going.

It is a wonderful game and it is a shame that its sequels never matched the intensity or the freshness of this. Burnout Revenge was nearly as good but Burnout Paradise and Dominator were both lacklustre. Burnout Legends on the PSP was as close as it gets to being anywhere near as good as Burnout 3. Burnout 3 is available on PS2 and Xbox.

6. Ridge Racer: Type 4: Way back in 1999, I came into gaming rather late. Most of my friends at that age had a PS1 since they were like 5/6. I got mine when I was 8. I still got to play most of the excellent PS1 games that were around but my first PS1 game was this beauty. Ridge Racer: Type 4 is the best Ridge Racer game and probably the best arcade racing game ever made. While it retains its stupid drift mechanic, its as close to Gran Turismo as any other arcade racer could get.

It has a lovely soundtrack and a brilliant mini game of racing against stupendously fast cars as a reward for beating the game. It looks dated now but the vibrancy and sharpness of the game is still there. Ever since, I have played multiple Ridge Racer games and only Ridge Racer on the PSP comes anywhere near to being as good as Type 4. This only appeared on PS1 but is now on the PSN store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita owners to enjoy.

5. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune: This was my first PS3 game alongside MGS4. For some reason despite MGS being a superior game and one of the best I have ever played, Uncharted is just so much more fun and engaging. It is like playing an interactive Indiana Jones movie or something similar. Playing as treasure hunter Nathan Drake, you hunt for El Dorado and find yourself caught in the web of those following trying to get to the treasure first.

While its sequels have certainly upped the ante, the original remains the most challenging and also the most focused. The attention to detail here is phenomenal and the dialogue is fantastic. Its still a lovely looking game even today some 6 years after release. Uncharted is exclusive to the PS3 but is rather cheap and is money very well spent.

4. Warhawk: Growing up with mostly single player games, I have come to dislike multiplayer only games-except Warhawk. Warhawk is a fantastic multiplayer game which is extremely fun and doubly challenging. Imagine Battlefield in third-person without boats and you have a game pretty close to Warhawk. It was one of the first games my best friend showed me on the PS3 and it made me realise the jump between PS2 to PS3.

Its intense fun that often is all about skill rather than persistence. It will be a very sad day when the servers close but I hope it is part of the recently announced Playstation Now programme. The game is PS3 only but I do recommend anyone that is a fan of multiplayer games to check this out.

3. Pokemon Gold: Many a time I have gotten in a discussion as to which generation of Pokemon games is better Red/Blue/Green/Yellow or Gold/Silver/Crystal. I prefer Gold to any other Pokemon game and it stands as my favourite too. It distances itself away from the anime and becomes more focused, fun to play. There is double the content and general battling is much more fun.

Playing the game as a 9 year old, my personal highlight was the penultimate battle against Ash, the hero of the first Pokemon games. Easy to play with lots of depth and plenty of replay value, I recommend anyone to play Pokemon Gold. Get it on emulator, Gameboy or the recent DS fancy updgraded version.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty: I don’t know why I did but the very first MGS I played was the second. Strange as I came into the MGS saga as Raiden, not Snake. However despite my mistake, MGS2 even with its controversial character choice is such a great fun game to play. The realism in the game is quite something too. You take out a soldier with a radio to advance, what happens when he does not check in? More Russian dudes come swarming in.

It isn’t the realism of the game that makes MGS2. It is a combined effort of story, gameplay and perhaps its lasting themes. There is so much depth to this game that each time I play it I discover something new or some sort of epiphany. It is not the best MGS but it certainly is my favourite. MGS2 can be found on PS2 or PC. You can find the recent HD version which is the best version of the game on PS3/360 which also comes with MGS3 and Peace Walker-bargain.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Final Fantasy VII came at a time when I was very young and into dark fantasy. Despite being only 8 at the time of playing, I came to fully appreciate the game for its mature themes, its sweeping story and fantastic soundtrack. The game follows Cloud, an ex elite Soldier now fighting on the other side of the law for eco-terrorists AVALANCHE. What begins as a fight against the corporation that rules with a mighty fist over the world soon begins in a fight for survival.

It is certainly the best game I have played. Every time I boot it up, it gives me great warmth in playing. From the cinematic turn-based battles to the beautiful cutscenes, I would recommend anyone to check out FF7. It has depth, a wonderfully woven story and perhaps one of the best soundtracks to any game ever. It is on Steam for like £8 or you can find a PS1 version.

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