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Fifa 14: Legacy Edition Details.

Fifa is widely seen as the best available football game on the market across all platforms. However, issues have plagued the game outside of the main PS3 and 360 versions. The Vita version for example is a reskin of a reskin (Fifa 14 is 13 which in itself was Fifa Football). The Wii, PS2, PSP, 3DS and other versions remain the same also.

Fifa is one of the most popular franchises in gaming partly due to the fact it is so polarising. The game is available on most platforms if not all in fact. With the game released on Friday, the minor versions were subtitled to be ‘Legacy Editions‘ and on the back of the case, the game states that there is-no change to gameplay only updates to rosters and kits.

The PS2, PSP and Wii versions I can understand-those consoles are dead in the water and Fifa 14 is the last game for the Playstation 2: spare a thought for the PS2. But the Vita and 3DS versions should be better improved even if they are not in the way of making major sales. Fifa Football (PS Vita 2012) was a successful handheld adaptation for the series and I believe it to be the finest handheld footie game out there even if it is streamlined slightly.

It would have been great to see improvements to the game made in Fifa 13 and 14. But, unsurprisingly EA recycled the game despite having a decent following for the Vita milking sales out of consumers whereas every Vita owner should get the nearly 2 year old Fifa Football.

I don’t believe in games being recycled unless its a port that was delayed etc. Fifa on the handhelds should have been improved particularly the Vita. Sales of the PS Vita are spiking and the console is gaining momentum. In the absence of PES on the console, I can understand why EA have done this. However, if a PES does get released on the Vita, I know that most Vita owners will opt for that ‘other’ football game.

Its partly the reason why games such as Call Of Duty are slated as they are seen as the same old game but different skin. I do not recommend anyone to get the legacy edition of Fifa-unless you are a new Vita owner stay away. Get Fifa Football instead-[only £6.90 on amazon at the time of writing]. Sure, Van Persie is still at Arsenal but the game remains original and also, the game is cheaper than the newer, same updated versions.

I don’t think Fifa 14 on the consoles is particularly good this year. The demo available showed a distinct change from last years game which was arguably the best Fifa there has been even if it was the most frustrating. The PS4 and Xbox One versions could be really good but otherwise, give Pro Evolution Soccer 14 a go. Its not as well polished as Fifa and it is far more methodically paced-but it is a rewarding experience all the same.

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