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Films Of The Year 2013.

As ever, 2013 was an eventful year for Film. Much like gaming, Film has seen some outstanding films emerge as well as some familiar faces. 2014 looks to continue on in the same vein bringing us great films. For now, here are the top 5 films of this year:

5. Place Beyond The Pines: Beginning with the crime epic Place Beyond The Pines, the film followed both a criminal and policeman within a small communal area in America. Ryan Gosling plays the stunt driver turned bank robber and Bradley Cooper who plays a policeman in an area of conflict and corruption. While dark and not particularly enamouring, the film is grounded heavily in a culminating narrative which goes full circle by the end. Well acted, shot and occasionally blistering, the film is an effective piece of narrative drama.

4. Prisoners: Prisoners is one of the dark horses of the year. The film is extremely dark, tense and rife with what makes us shiver at night. Hugh Jackman as well as Jake Gyllenhall shine in this drama about two children that were snatched in broad daylight. What follows is a tense race against time to save the children. I would compare the film favourably to cult classic Cape Fear in which fear and tension surrounding a dark scenario are fully realised. Its a great watch though nonetheless.

3. Les Miserables: Continuing with Hugh Jackman and epic musical Les Miserables became one of the best musical films ever made. With memorable songs, scenes and some superb individual acting performances (looking at you Anne Hathaway), its a memorable film which kicked off 2013 in style. Hugh Jackman was on top form and nominated for an Oscar. What it likes in substance more than makes up for in style and atmosphere-recommended for all.

2. Only God Forgives: One of the most divisive films in recent memory, Only God Forgives is criticised as well as heavily admired by critics. Simply put though, the film is extremely well made and crafted. A questionable story is negated with a great soundtrack and vibrant shots. Its not for everyone and those that will appreciate it will hold it in high regard. Its brutality and dark narrative is countered with its colourful vibrancy and cinematography.

1. Gravity: 3D is something of a gimmick. Avatar was the first and up until Gravity the only film to effectively utilise 3D technology. Gravity trumps Avatar in its 3D visuals as well as being one of the best space films ever made. At the centre of it is Sandra Bullock with a brilliant performance as an astronaut stranded in space. This is a film which can be held highly with excellent visuals, premise and acting. A brilliantly made film that stands as the film of 2013.

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