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Free iPhone Games That Truley Deserve Some Play Time – Part 2

Free iPhone Gaming – Part 2

Yesterday we started looking at how we can save you some much needed money through this difficult recession we’re all going through at the moment.  I think it’s fair to say that we managed to uncover a few gems that are worth your time and iPhone storage space…

As we continue our list of free games available for the platform we’ll take a look at how to make the most out of your new iPhone 3GS by spending absolutely nothing.


Everyone loves a quick game of bowling – it’s just a shame it’s gotten so expensive now…well don’t worry because you can now get iBowl on your iPhone for absolutely no money at all meaning that you can play until your heart’s content.

This game manages to bring the fun of Wii Sports to the iPhone – you have to do the worst though and swing your brand new, shiny and expensive iPhone in a bowling movement as with the Wii – just make sure you hold on tight.

You’ll feel as close to the reality of bowling and right from your very own iPhone for free – this game will keep you and your mates bowling for months!

Tap Tap Revenge

Guitar Hero and Rock Band have been massive successes outside the iPhone world, however inside the iPhone world we have Tap Tap Revenge – this game sprung to the top of the popular download list making it one of the most downloaded games ever made for the platform.

It works in a similar way to the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games as you have to tap the coloured orbs to play the notes.  It’s another one of those games that you will find hard to believe is free, but it is and the same goes for its predecessor Tap Tap Revenge 2.

The game is full of little treats from top artists like the Kaiser Chiefs and the game has even been one of the main reasons for Katy Perry’s success with her song Hot ‘n’ Cold.


You can’t really charge for word games because a lot of the time they feel more like hard work than fun times – however this one is free and fun making it a winning game for the iPhone.

You have to unscramble words that appear on the screen racking up the points in the process – this is a great way to get more words under your belt and you can also play it multiplayer over 3G making the fun endless.

This game is perfect if you like word games, however it isn’t going to convert anyone so if wording isn’t your weapon of choice then don’t worry, give it a try, it’s still free!

Is free fun?

What do you think about our free iPhone gaming list?  Do you think you can really have fun playing on the iPhone for free?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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