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Free iPhone Games That Truley Deserve Some Play Time – Part 3

Free iPhone Gaming – Part 3

In this third instalment of our take of some of the best free iPhone games available for the iPhone 3GS we’ll take a look at what games you can download while still keeping your bank balance looking healthy.

That’s right, we pledged to bring you some fun for the massive price of nothing and that’s what we’re going to continue to do today.

Live Poker

As you might have guessed this game allows you to play Poker on your iPhone – this app ties in with your Facebook account so you can play against your pals from wherever you might find yourself.

There are costly versions available on the AppStore but what’s the point when you can play this title for absolutely nothing and get a great experience in the process.  You receive 1,000 chips each day and you can chat with your mates while playing –  what more could you need?


This is a puzzle game that asks you to move your finger around the level – you have to find the exit before your energy runs out.  It’s basically a fancy way of putting a timer on the puzzle, but who cares because it’s free!

You won’t run out of fun times playing this game because it is absolutely massive – the game is kitted out with a thousand mazes…who’s going to get bored with that amount of depth.

You can also keep your mates jealous by sending off your high scores – the perfect way to show how good you are at the game, or equally how bad you are!


Do you remember the days before the ever-loved controller when you had to control game play by typing in instructions – this was the way with Advent back in the day, and now it has been composed onto the iPhone to bring the same experience in portable glory.

If classic gaming really is your thing then you’ll love it – if it’s not then it’s worth a try because you might fall in love with it.  Once again if you’re bored with telling the game what to do then don’t worry – it’s free!

Aurora Feint:  The Beginning

This version of the popular game Aurora Feint is more of an introduction to the main game than an extract of the full game, but nevertheless it is truly a strong insight into what you can expect if you want to pay out the money.

You have to match 3 symbols in a row, like Bejeweled, however the game play doesn’t stop there as you are also provided with RPG style characters an storyline making the game an experience of fun in its own right…

Fun for free?

Are you having fun for free on your new iPhone 3GS?  Do you think we’ve found some of the best free games available for the iPhone?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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