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Free iPhone Games That Truley Deserve Some Play Time – Part 4

iPhone Gaming – If you wanna have some fun…Part 4

In this final look at the free games available for the iPhone we want to take a look at what will keep you thrilled and tested while still spending no pennies at all…

Times are tight, but you don’t have to be as we provide a few more games that are absolutely free to download and play – all you have to do is give ‘em a try…

Chess With Friends

As the game’s name might suggest this game involves Chess – but not only chess…chess with your mates!  You get the chance to play Chess in this game, that’s for sure – you also get the chance to play chess over a network with your pals allowing you to stay connected and social no matter where you are.

You don’t have to leave it at one game at  a time either – if you’re brain can handle it so can the game and you can play multiple games all at the same time.  However, don’t worry if all your chess playing over the years has left precious little time to make mates as the game can pick random opponents for you to play too.


If you live for killer graphics and beautiful use of millions of colours then this really isn’t the game for you – it doesn’t look worthy of your time on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you’ll actually see that it’s a great little game.

The aim of the game is to draw the path that you need to take to get through the level and all the objects in your path.  This game gets addictive quickly but don’t worry because you have 120 levels to guide your little stick man through so you won’t be getting disappointed fast!


As you might have guessed this game brings Basketball to the iPhone – it uses a similar motion sensor principle as iBowl does meaning that you have to move your iPhone as if you were throwing it into the hoop.

As with Basketball, the real game, your aim is to sink as many hoops as possible – the fun doubles when you look at the game’s social aspect.  You can play one-on-one against your mates over a network and see which of the two of you is better at the game!

Granted the game isn’t exactly demanding but it is one of those games that manages to keep you and your mates coming back for more to see which of you is better than the other!  If you like to beat people, and you like Basketball, then this is the game for you – download it now!

Fun for free?

What do you think about our selection of free games available for the iPhone?  What are your favourite free iPhone games for the iPhone?  Let us know…

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