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Free laptops? Too good to be true?

I’ve seen in the news quite a lot of places are offering free laptops, for signing up to everything from broadband to a new mobile phone contract. Because I’m just an old-fashioned cynic at heart (and because the sums don’t add up!) I decided to investigate.
Firstly, the laptop in question – I picked on the Dell Inspiron 1520 , because it’s available from Dell’s own site for £549 and because it gets pretty good reviews from places I trust (it cost over £1000 when reviewed for the first time!)
This is actually a really good laptop, with Windows Vista, 1Gb of RAM as standard, a DVD-Rewriter, wireless networking etc – everything I’d want in a laptop. The screen came up well in reviews (this is where less good laptops try to save money, and it shows) and it has a fairly good mobile graphics chipset so I could run most of the games I’d want to.
So, on to the “free laptop” deals. I could get this laptop free with a new AOL broadband subscription, a new mobile phone contract or through TalkTalk broadband. I already have broadband but my trusty mobile (a Nokia N80) is getting on a bit so I decided to be a proper reporter and order a new Samsung U600 with a free laptop rom one of the more reputable online mobile phone retailers.
Initially I thought I’d have to wait months for my laptop to arrive, which made me slightly nervous but seems to be normal – I guess they’re waiting to see if my mobile phone got returned? But incredibly my free Dell laptop was delivered yesterday with my phone!
So, too good to be true? Lots of things in this life are but seeing how I’m writing this blog post on my very own free laptop I can safely say, not this time!

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