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Gadget – Freeloader Solar Charger Globetrotter (Green)

The article will provide a reader with information on freeloader solar charger globetrotter (green). The Freeloader Solar Charger Globetrotter system allows a user to power his/her tech using the power of the sun!

The Globetrotter comes with an improved version of the Original Freeloader Solar Charger, as well as a Supercharger. The Supercharger will fully power up a Freeloader is as little as 4 hours in sunshine, making it possible to charge the Freeloader twice in one day. A user can also charge the Freeloader via it’s USB cable from a computer, or the actual solar panels on the Freeloader itself.

-Original Freeloader Solar Charger
-Supercharger solar cell
-Supercharger case
-2 x innovative buckles and 1 x velcro strap to for secure fastening of Supercharger to ie bike pannier, rucksack etc
-Freeloader tough pouch
-11 x adapter tips
-USB charge cable

-internal battery can be charged in 5 hours on the attached solar panels, or 3 hours via USB
-can hold a battery charge for upto 3 months
-can charge the internal battery and handheld devices at the same time
ultra-light (Freeloader weighs: 185g and Supercharger weights: 200g)

Feeload is suitable for charging:
-all iPod and iPhone products
-Motorala V3/RAZR series phones
-LG Chocolate series phones
-Samsung A288 and current D800 series phones
-all current Nokia and N series phones
-Sony Ericsson K750 series phones
-4mm straight jack for charging PSP, Tom Tom sat nav, digital cameras, PDAs

If a user has read this article then he/she would have learnt about the Freeloader Solar Charger Globetrotter (Green).

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