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Gadgets – Muvi super micro Camcorder atom and ION Video2PC Digital Video Converter

The article will provide a reader with information Muvi super micro camcorder atom gadget and ION video2PC digital video convertor.

The Muvi atom is 4cm tall and smallest digital video camcorder in the world. With 2 Mega Pixel recording image quality is not compromised. A user can clip the Atom onto a backpack, hat, pocket and collar for all manner of activities. It has a 640×480 VGA sensor to record the incredible footage with incredible quality. And if that is not enough, it also has an in-built micro SD card slot, so a user can boost the memory.
Other features include a photo snapshot facility, and .
The features of the Muvi super micro Camcorder ‘atom’ are provided below:
• voice activated start/stop
• super Micro size
• 2 MP lens
• 640×480 @ 30fps
• 2GB memory
• approx 1hr battery life on full charge

ION Video2PC Digital Video Converter
A user can transfer the old VHS tapes, home videos and more to digital format. The Video2 PC digital video converter is a video conversion system that captures, converts, and improves the quality of nearly any video and audio source. The result is high-quality digital videos on the computer. A user can watch the upgraded videos on the computer, record them onto a DVD*, or load them onto the portable video player, such as PSP or iPod.

People who are less experienced can use Video 2 PC to connect to VCRs, camcorders, and most other video-playback sources. This can be done by simply plugging in the three colour-coded cables on one side and the standard USB jack to the computer, and that’s it.

The features are provided below:
• turns analog video into digital video
• includes software for capturing, editing, and burning your videos to DVD
• works with virtually and video source: VCR, camcorder
• standard RCA component and S-Video connectivity
• USB powered, no external power supply needed
• system Requirements: Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit) or Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
• USB port

If a user has read this article then he/she would have learnt about Muvi atom camcorder and ION Video2PC Digital Video Converter.

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