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Gadgets – WiKi AudioVibe Speaker

The article will provide a reader with information on WiKi AudioVibe Speaker

The AudioVibe produces sounds through vibrations. A user can connect an mp3 or ithingy or phone, or laptop or computer etc to the AudioVibe, then place the speaker panel part to any surface and hear the music as the vibrations are converted into sound. A speaker panel can be attached to a wooden desk, a pizza box, a book, a dvd case, a milk carton, even arm and every time the sound is different. The AudioVibe is simple to use, easy to pack and can be taking anywhere.

The maximum volume a user can achieve depends on what he/she attach it to, but experience suggests that it works really well on hollow box-like objects, but the AudioVibe will produce sound from virtually anything. It’s powered by 2x AAA batteries, which last ages due to the small output wattage required.

• 50cm audio cable
• USB power cable
• Runs from battery or USB
• Connects to audio via 3.5mm input jack
• Perfect for travelling

• Produce sound from the objects
• Compact design for portability
• Plug in the portable music player/mobile/iPod

If a user has read this article then he/she would have learnt features of AudioVibe Speaker system.

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